Pordenone President Unhappy With Inter Sporting Director Piero Ausilio

December 6, 2017 23:30
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Pordenone are the Serie C team currently enjoying an amazing cup run in Italy that has captured the imagination of the country. In the next round of the Coppa Italia they go to the San Siro to face Inter next Tuesday 12th December.

Inter Sporting Director Piero Ausilio spoke about Pordenone on Rai’s flagship Sunday night sports show Domenica Sportiva saying “it’s a beautiful story, but it must have an end…”, words that haven’t been received too well by the Pordenone President Mauro Lovisa.

When speaking to Telefriuli, Lovisa didn’t hide his disappointment at the words.

“Ausilio could and maybe should have spared those words. I heard what he said and I wasn’t pleased. Inter shouldn’t concern themselves with these things, they should only show a big welcome to the club they are hosting. Pordenone will go to Milan to play their own game. If Inter end up winning by a huge margin, we will shake hands with their players. But who knows maybe Pordenone could give the big team a scare away from home. Football is unpredictable. The city is buzzing and everyone is talking about this game. We want to put in a good performance and not just be the sacrificial victims.”


Claudio Cauteruccio
By Claudio Cauteruccio
  • Rachmat Supriatna

    nothing wrong about Ausillio’s statement, the beautiful story or Pordenone has to be ended at San Siro, by our INTER..

  • Naves

    Really unsporting coming from Aussilio. This is not the first time tho. Last time he criticised transfer policy and Inter players attitude in college/school. He should really watch what he says in public to avoid controversy away from Inter. I dont care if he is right or wrong, he is professional and director of one the best club and should act accordingly.

  • INTERisLife

    If we can’t beat a third tier team we can forget about top 4 now if it was some 1 @ ruby who said this it b all jokes n giggle because it was a fore gone conclusion let’s face it ausilio is right the cup run ends on Tuesday

  • Oro_^o^

    Firstly, That’s just showing our confidence. With the team’s current run of form, it’s understandable. Secondly, we should really beat them…Even with several of our primavera players debuting, we should really beat them. Forza Inter!

  • Matija Mateo Kosanovic

    yeah, not nice to say those things about them, underestimating an opponent is a half way to defeat

    • Interfan99

      we shouldn’t underestimate anyone, i mean even serie D team can beat us