Refinancing Debt: Inter ahead of Milan

December 6, 2017 16:00
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Tuttosport, analyses the information from Sole 24 Ore, confirming Suning’s startegy to renegotiate the debt repayments with Goldman Sachs. “This is the legacy of Thohir’s management in 2015 who had negotiated a laon of 230 million euros with an American investment group”, as explained by the Turin based newspaper. It was a completely different phase of life for the Nerazzurri Club, with the Indonesian tycoon who is far less powerful than the current Suning owners who make a whopping 50 billion in revenue per year.

Now the scenario has changed, as Tuttosport stresses the difference with Milan. The Nerazzurri Club could refinance it’s debt even before Milan who are currently trying to persuade UEFA of the viability of their project. In light of UEFA’s previous ruling on the Rossoneri’s plan, it has forced the Club to search for a new financial partner, with Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch having already rejected them as well, Milan are now in talks with Highbridge to help complete the return payments of 303 million to Elliot before October 2018.

Soon an answer should be given because the mandate given to the British adviser, BGB Weston, consisted of a four week period for the due-diligence and another four for the drafting of key points in the contract. The outcome is not obvious.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia
  • Stefano

    Ok ,our situation and ownership is now immensely better than Milan’ s , I never had a single doubt about that ,since the summer.
    But , ideally ,I would like it A LOT more if Suning did not refinance more debt at all, which only shows as MORE debts in our books .
    And ,to be honest ,it’s already a lot of debt.

    • Philip

      blame much of that debt on inept thohir loaning from the sachs. its all over the news. but compared that to milan’s, we’re in much better standing and eufa approved Inter’s ffp. so i give that a win for sunning.

  • tarttata tarattata

    Suning owners who make a whopping 50 billion in revenue per year

    woooofffff fml

  • Philip

    i can see only one thing for AC Milan and it’s bad. and don’t dismissed the chance the club could go bankrupt given how bad the mismanagement since the days of Berlusconi. think of how Milan would have to depart from all their stars if they don’t make it to the fourth spot. maybe Inter can pounced on relatively cheap bargains like the days Juve went to Serie B! Forza Inter!

    • Stefano

      On liquidation blow out sale I wouldn’t mind a couple of Milan players , you could fish a couple of good deals there.
      Donnarumma is Real Madrid already.
      And he, just like Locatelli, is a big Milan fan and would never , ever come to us anyway.
      But young Romagnoli is not bad.
      Maybe Rodriguez.

      • Winternazionale

        I’d take Suso.

        • Al

          Milan not yet dead and we’re fighting over the booty 🙂

          • Stefano

            Clinically dead.
            Deep coma.
            Lets just pull those plugs and do those poor souls a favor.