Transfer targets, Verdi, Cristante and Chiesa are all very difficult, while Pellegri has been abandoned due to Inter’s own youth

December 6, 2017 15:00
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Despite the repeated denials, if Bologna maintain their strong position over January, Ausilio and Gardini could attempt an assault for Simeone Verdi with plans six months in advance for a deal in the summer. Tuttosport also reiterates that a deal for Federico Cheisa will be very difficult since he is very happy at Fiorentina and seems like to much of a hassle.

In a separate chapter of Inter’s January plans, Inter will also continue to sweeten relations with Atalanta in correlation to their interest in Bryan Cristante as a priority who “Inter like very much due to his ductility”. Furthermore the tracks that were laid to bring Pellegri to Inter have died due to the fact that Pinamonti, Odgaard and Colidio are all waiting at home for their chance for which six and a half million has been invested in them.

A chance for Pinamonti could come in Inter’s first Coppa Italia encounter against Serie C side Pordenone, although it remains difficult to predict how much Spalletti will rotate the squad after the Juventus game, with Eder also being taken into consideration.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia