Inter Academy In China Another Milan Derby Win For Suning

December 6, 2017 23:00
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According to the Turin based newspaper Tuttosport, Suning have secured yet another victory against city rivals Milan, but this time off the pitch.

The rivalry between the two Milan clubs owners is so much so that off the field battles are also fiercely contested. One of those said battles is over the clubs’ Footballing Academy’s in China.

Tuttosport reports “despite the disappointment of Han Li, Yonghong Li’s right hand man, the Wawa International Football Academy has chosen Suning Sports Group to open a fourth Inter Academy in China. The base will be in Chengdu and will be an addition to the existing ones in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing which is also the home of the Suning headquarters.

Milan on the other hand are still stalled despite the development plans that have been illustrated several times by Fassone since the change of ownership. In the past they have managed to only organise summer camps but have yet to open their first Milan Academy in China since the dawn of the Chinese era at Milan.”


Claudio Cauteruccio
By Claudio Cauteruccio
  • Naves

    Lol at Fassone who claimed Milan will open footballing schools in china and increase fan base and revenue through merchandising. No wonder why their financial plan is rejected and laughed at.

    • il Biscione

      Now their fans are starting realize the situation after first being in denial. But now they are dreaming that Arab money will save them. Very unlikely. Lol.

      As much as I like their despair it would be bad for Serie A as a whole if the club went down. The league will become less competitive and that´s not good for Inter either. Nice final present from mr. Berlusconi to the fans to sell the club to this kind of a scammer just to get the best price. Greed is a funny thing,

      • Naves

        That supposed arab group can be scammer too or with his own agenda. He have not even bought the club and is planning stadium. Too good to be true.

        It is not like Milan adds any competition now or will do so in any near future but yeah it will put dark spot on Serie A. I mean a great club like AC Milan bankrupt and that will put off potential investors in the league.

        • il Biscione

          Yeap, it seems to be it is in that clubs DNA to visit the lower divisions once in a while anyways. I still have some hard time understanding exactly what was that Yonghong Li’s purpose to buy Bilan. Money laundering? Money laundering for Berlusconi? It’s hard to believe he has done this just out of pure unrealistic craziness.

          • Naves

            That made me laugh mate. And yeah regarding that arab investor, he have net worth of 1.2 and our sunning earns 50b per year so he is not going to save them either. Along with good chance Ffp penalty and that clueless manager Gatuso. I was watching Ben vs Milan and that last minute goal was a thing of comedy. Never laughed so hard. Lol

            At first I thought he iswas Thohir type brooker and will sell the club for money but now…. he have basically no money and dark history full with scams. One thing is for certain. They are in deep sh*t and Fassone/Mirabbeli and Gattuso will make it worse. They are highly incompetent and a gamble that they lost.
            But hey the worst is yet to come. Serie B loading….

          • il Biscione

            If the worst case bankruptcy scenario happens they might even end up in Serie C or D, Then I guess their new nickname could be Cilan or Dilan.

          • Bellal Amerkhail

            lmao cilan XD

  • ezekiel

    so we have a derby even in china!? LMAO..XD