Candreva Insists Inter Are Focused On Each Game As It Comes, Not The Scudetto

December 7, 2017 20:30
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Inter’s Antonio Candreva has revealed some of the secrets behind Inter successes this season in comparison to the failures of last season in an interview with Premium Sport today.

“The secret of this Inter is hard work, humility and the idea that we are all starters. Also Luciano Spalletti is a great secret. We wanted to leave what happened last year in the past. It was a disappointing year.”

The winger then discussed Saturday’s match, the Derby D’Italia against Juventus.

“We have entered the most beautiful week of the season, it will be a tough game, where we will have to concentrate, it will be a physical game too, these are both components for a great match. We are ready for this match on Saturday.”

Inter’s form this term sees them sit atop of the Serie A standings going in to this weekend and Candreva discussed the possibility of winning the scudetto.

“We know what our path is and we know where we want to get to the end of the championship. Scudetto? We have to think about each game as it comes, we are aware of our qualities and we are a great group.”

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Stefano

    I hear and feel a lot of ” we are going to Turin to win !!!! ” around.
    As much as I dream of it.. I hate to be the one to cut everyone’s wings and bring them back down to the ground of reality but winning there has always been a rarity for Inter, sometimes even in our best periods:

    Our record “in Juve” is utterly ,completely ABYSMAL.
    Juve -Inter:
    Close to 60 Juve wins (59 if I remember well)
    18 or 19 Inter wins.
    A little more than 3 TIMES their wins compared to ours !

    Even Torino ,I swear ,has a better record than us for that game ( ok used to be in the same stadium ,it’s the Turin derby)
    Milan has a slightly better record there than we do .
    We even lost there …in the triplete season.
    ( sad face)

    But even worse than our record in their home stadium is Spalletti ‘s general record versus Juve ( not just in Turin)
    Spalletti has played Juve 21 times altogether :
    17 Juve wins.
    3 ties ..
    1 Spalletti win.

    Nothing to brag about.
    Actually.. a complete disaster.

    • syahrul sembarang

      Thats what im afraid, we have to be confident n believe in ourself but underestimate opponent is different thing.