Inter Vice-President Zanetti Reveals Origins Of His Pupi Foundation

Inter Vice-President Zanetti Reveals Origins Of His Pupi Foundation
December 7, 2017 18:00
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Inter Vice-President Javier Zanetti reflected on last night’s Pupi Foundation event in an interview with

“We are a great family, and during these years there have been beautiful situations that make us happy. It means that the message first transmitted in 2001 has been useful.”

“I really like being social and being able to do it for my foundation gives further value. It is part of Inter’s DNA, I want to involve people who work in the club, from players to employees. We have already done many initiatives, we are happy because we are helping so many people.”

Zanetti then revealed when the idea of creating the Pupi Foundation came about.

“I realised when I arrived here in 1995 that I could be a model for poorer children. The idea was there before, but arriving in Milan and having this career as a footballer did not make me forget where I came from. I knew I was living an important moment personally but there were so many children who suffered. So with Paula and my friends we created this foundation and have been helping these people for 16 years.”

Zanetti concluded the interview recalling some of the favourite initiatives his foundation have done.

“We are proud of the first initiative in cancer hospitals where I brought a player from the first team, one from the Primavera team, one from the women’s team, employees and sponsors. Then we were at the Beccaria jail for another initiative and the what is most beautiful today is that everyone wants to be part of this project.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson