Javier Zanetti Believes Inter Are Ready For The Juventus Game

Javier Zanetti Believes Inter Are Ready For The Juventus Game
December 7, 2017 00:30
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Speaking from the Fondazione Pupi event in Milan tonight, Inter Vice President Javier Zanetti answered questions on Inter and the season so far from journalists that were present.

He was first asked about the upcoming game against Juventus Saturday night.

“This is an important week, but a not decisive game. We have everything in place to be able to play a good game. Inter will go to Turin to continue to do what they have been doing up till now, aware of their strengths. Everyone helps each other and has remained humble, we’re all moving in the same direction. Scudetto? First let’s return to the Champions League, then if something more important comes along we’ll be happy.”

He was asked about the battle up front between the two Argentine strikers facing off on Saturday, Gonzalo Higuain and Mauro Icardi: “They are two great strikers. Mauro is doing great things at the moment. Higuain is dangerous in the penalty area. I am very happy with what Icardi has been doing, he has grown a lot and we are happy that he is our captain and we want to build around him.”

The former Inter captain was asked what do Inter need to do to win on Saturday night at the Allianz Stadium: “We need to play with an open mind, respecting our values, preparing for the game as we have done up until now.  The team is mature and aware that they will be coming up against a great side, but we’ll give it a go. Words from Juventus camp? It’s not in our style to cause controversy, certain words leave the time they find.”

He finished on Spalletti and the future of captain Icardi: “From the first day Spalletti found a squad of great value, to which he brought great experience. He is a manager who teaches and leads and everyone follows in the same direction. He brings an air of enthusiasm, remaining humble and  thinking only from one game to the next. Everything that has happened so far has been merit of the whole team. I always expect the best, for us this means that we are doing things right. The season is still long, we will have to play a very strong side in Juventus. Everyone knows that this is a game with a wonderful history but we will prepare for it like any other game. Spalletti has always demonstrated a compact team and shown firmness, hopefully after Saturday there will be further confirmation of this. Spalletti has made every player feel a part of this group, no one is more important than Inter. We want to continue like this, we have no doubt in the values of this squad.

“As for Icardi, he is happy with us. He knows what it means to represent Inter and he is doing it well. We are all very happy.”

Claudio Cauteruccio
By Claudio Cauteruccio