Ronaldo: “Inter Deserves To Be In First Place”

December 8, 2017 13:00
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Former Inter striker Ronaldo spoke to two Italian news outlets at yesterday’s Balon D’Or awards ceremony. Il Fenomeno first spoke on Inter’s start to the season.

“Inter deserves to be in first place in the standings,” he told Premium Sport. He added, “I am sure they can win the Scudetto. I am very happy with the work of manager Luciano Spalletti.”

The Brazilian then spoke to Sky Sport on Saturday’s game, the Derby D’Italia.

“I have incredible memories [of this fixture], certainly it is a classic game. Inter are having a great season, for sure I will be watching in front of the TV. Luciano Spalletti is doing very well, I am happy for him because doing well in the Italian league is not easy.”

Ronaldo concluded discussing current Inter captain Mauro Icardi.

“He is a great player, he is carrying on scoring a lot of goals for Inter and playing good football.”

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • El Cuchu 19

    He’s a football the general context..granted.
    But..for me, I could never consider him and Inter legend, one could argue that he is a legend that played for Inter..but never an “Inter legend”…
    Inter legends don’t do what he did..

    • tarttata tarattata

      what did he do lol

      • El Cuchu 19

        1- Requested to leave for Real Madrid in 2002
        2- Joined the dark side of the city, Bilan, in 2007, scored against us and celebrated like this

        • gs.psry

          yeah he was the reason i fell in love with inter when i was 10 y old, but erased him from memory after he joined BBILAN.

          • El Cuchu 19

            Exactly, same here..
            The world was buzzing, world’s best player joins FC Inter for a record transfer fee at the time, 1997..
            I started following Inter because of him, and then he left us after years of waiting on his injury.. I still remember how happy I was with his Top Scorer’s performances in the World Cup 2002, I was thinking that we got him at his best again after so long, and 2003 would be our year..pfft..he never thought twice about leaving for Real Madrid..he left, and Inter remained in my heart.

          • Saudijac_30

            exactly, same as me!

          • Man, my story all over too.. Became blue and black by heart becasue of him. Well, and Zanetti, Bergomi, Pagliuca, Djorkaeff, Simeone, Recoba, Bamba and even West! I had a book, where I collected Serie A stickers. I thought Inter where the best team ever – even if i hadn’t seen them play! I then remember how Moratti cared and nursed for Ronaldo, just waiting to get back. Then along came the transfer to Real. I stayed with Inter however, witnessed players like Vieri, Crespo, Cambi, Figo, Samuel, Toldo, E’too, Matrix, Milito, Sniejder, Motta, and maaany more.

          • El Cuchu 19

            Like any other true interista of our “age” 🙂
            Forza Inter Per Sempre
            Rube Mer*da

          • Amen, my blue brother!

          • Saudijac_30

            same here! I became a fan of Inter when I watched Inter-Milan 2-2 in 1997… I loved this guy but what he did later in his career made me realize that Zanetti is the only Inter legend since 1997

          • Bella Soraya

            the exact same moment to fall in lovr. I never forget that 2-2 match was the first time I fell in love with inter.

        • tarttata tarattata

          hes not an inter legend and i dont blame him for requesting to join real madrid as for milan all brazilian dont care about europe clubs he joined them t play with ronaldhino if iam not wrong for this one im not taking it personally hes taken alot in his career during his inter time sadly though

        • il Biscione

          Guilty as charged, but for some reason I still like Ronnie a lot.

          • El Cuchu 19

            Yep, despite everything, he’s not someone you can hate.I admire the footballing legend that is “Ronaldo” and have lots and lots of respect for the talent he had, and what helps his case is the fact he’s always trying to put effort in bonding with Inter again and again.
            Still though, whatever he’s doing and might do in the’s what he did as a player that counts the most, so again, for me, he’ll never be and “Inter Legend”, never “Uno Di Noi”..

          • il Biscione

            Yeah, can’t call him as a club legend, but he still has a special place in my Inter heart, because he made me love the game. Still even talking about legends of that era for me Zidane beats Ronnie. Wherever that guy played his teams where champions or almost there and he was the driving force: France, Rube, Real.

        • grilliant

          I believe he requested to be transferred because he had an issue with Cuper. but Still, that celebration tho

    • Asyrof Syarif

      We’re all have the same story…
      And we still happy just because he left inter in our heart.