Juventus Coach Allegri: “Disappointed Not To Win, Inter A Scudetto Candidate”

December 9, 2017 23:59
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Juventus and Inter ended up sharing the points at Allianz Stadium in the highly anticipated Serie A clash. At the end of the match the Bianconeri coach Allegri, spoke with Premium Sport about the draw.

You played well after 20 minutes, and closed Inter down on the wings

“Inter ran a lot in the first 20 minutes and closed us down, but we also had the chance with Mandzukic in that time. In the defensive phase we were good because Candreva and Perisic have crossed more than everyone this season, tonight on the wings we worked well on doubling up the marking. Disappointed not to win overall.”

Why Dybala and not Douglas Costa?

“Dybala came in because he could create dangers between the lines, he must improve his physical condition and we will work on it in these weeks.”

What did this match tell you?

“Inter is a competitive team to that will fight to the end for the title just like us. Tonight it was important to pull out a positive result, we did not concede a goal and the defensive phase was very good. Important week ahead, now we can recover and then we prepare for Bologna.”


Rahul Sharma
By Rahul Sharma