Luciano Spalletti: “Not Happy About Inter’s Second Half”

Luciano Spalletti: “Not Happy About Inter’s Second Half”
December 10, 2017 00:40
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Inter coach Luciano Spalletti had the following to say to Premium Sport after the goalless draw in the Serie A away against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium in Turin which means that Inter are still undefeated this season.

There are a lot of positive aspects after 0-0 against Juventus at Allianz Stadium, one is that you are still unbeaten but are you angry about the fact that you could have done better? 

“Angry no, but you always try to find answers. In the second half we started to loose a lot of balls and I told the guys to stay calm. To go home with one point is ok, but we have to understand that we have this important match because we have proven to be a very potent team. For the first 30 minutes we started off well, then we dropped a bit in performance but in the second hald we started to loose too many balls”.

But what was this fear due to? 

“We come from three years of being distanced, then we have played 15 games where we have created this force. But it still seems that some of us does not believe what is happening”.

Juventus closed the wings  well, should there be an alternative game plan? 

“Yes, there is that possibility. Also tonight we could have proven our potential a bit more. We did not loose the ball in the first half because we kept it tight, during the second half it happened a lot more because we were not as focused as we were in the first half. We were not as determinate as we have been in other situations. Sometimes it seemed like we were happy just having possession of the ball. We failed in showing the will to win sometimes.”

What did you say to Chiellini? 

“He told me that he went to talk to the referee, to me it seemed a bit excessive since he started off from their area. But also Valeri told me that this was ok, maybe I read that situation wrong.”

If someone would have told you that you would have this role in these top games, would you have accepted that? 

“Absolutely no, we always have to perform at our best. To get compliments for games like this is ok, bit I think we should have won these games. They had a lot more chances than we had, but we did not perform at our best, if you do not give a 100% in every situation it becomes difficult to win the game.”

Does this Inter have what it takes? 

“I will emphasize this again, we have a complete team. We have a great potential to not having any weak spots. Both teams have a 90% opportunity to win, what counts is the 10% remaining. Today we did not perform as well as we usually do, but we still have to remember that we go home to Milano with one point from a tough team at a tough Allianz Stadium.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson