Luciano Spalletti Does Not Need “Nainggolan Or Salah” At Inter

Luciano Spalletti Does Not Need “Nainggolan Or Salah” At Inter
December 10, 2017 10:30
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At the end of the match against Juventus in Turin, Luciano Spalletti analysed the match and transfer market rumours in an interview with Rai Sport.

The Nerazzurri coach began by analyzing the match stating that it was: “a very important point today, of course, the team did well in some stretches, in some moments they gave too much, we wanted to play as we did in the first half. In the second half we did not succeed in our game plan, but overall we played well. I do not need Nainggolan or Salah, I do not need anything at all, these players are more than enough, nobody gave us anything, we did not find anything on the street, we built this match after match. The Roma, Napoli and Juventus return matches will be played at the Meazza which is better for us, but a top team knows not to change style whether they are playing home or away, the size of the pitch is always the same, there is only a difference in personality and conviction.”

In conclusion Spalletti explained his tactical decision stating that “we started aggressively because if you sit deep against them, they come at you with 6 or 7 attackers and that’s very difficult to stop. In the second half I had to resort to Gagliardini just because we dropped too deep. I tell everyone what I think in the simplest way, then there are episodes that lead in a certain direction, nobody gifted us anything. We had a 90% chance to win the match, just like Juventus did.”

Rahul Sharma
By Rahul Sharma