Player Ratings – Juventus 0 – 0 Inter: Nerazzurri Stole A Point In Turin

December 10, 2017 12:30
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In what was a classic Italian top of the table clash, Inter risked losing top spot many times as Cuadrado and Mandzukic created a lot of trouble on both flanks. Inter rarely managed to create anything in attack and have to thank Man of the Match Handanovic for coming back home with a point. Spalletti was out-thought by Allegri tonight and Inter had no answers but the silver lining in the cloud is that the Nerazzurri are still 2 points ahead of 3rd placed Juventus.

Samir Handanovic – 8.5: The only reason we came back with a point. Outstanding saves, great leadership at the back in a very difficult game. Only 1 mistake throughout the match.

Danilo D’Ambrosio – 4.5: I don’t have a count of how many times Mandzukic won headers or got behind Danilo. We are lucky the Croatian was wasteful. Too slow, too weak.

Milan Skriniar – 5.5: His worst game in an Inter shirt, was pressured and closed down all game. Did a little better in the 2nd half but D’Ambrosio wasn’t helping him at all.

Joao Miranda – 6: That rest week really showed today. Kept Higuain pocketed for the 90 mins. Not an easy job to do. Couldn’t do much to help Santon as a result.

Davide Santon – 4.5: Cuadrado was given too much time and space on the ball, again and again. He looked slow and tired all night. Lets hope his injury isnt serious.

Borja Valero – 6: All his experience and calmness was needed tonight and he brought it. Too bad the rest of the team couldn’t use it in attack. Masterful tonight.

Matias Vecino – 5.5: Was involved a lot in attack and a lot in defence, his pairing with Borja is perfect. Only player who wanted to push and drive forward all the time.

Antonio Candreva – 5: Missing in attack, because his flank was being raided and controlled by Mandzukic. Helped out tremendously in defence but not enough tonight.

Marcelo Brozovic – 4.5: Tonight the desire was there but he had a couple of golden chances which he fluffed. He needs to learn from this. The attitude has improved.

Ivan Perisic – 4.5: Ivan made a lot of mistakes tonight. He didn’t help out Santon. He didn’t attack with verve, he gave the ball away under no pressure at all.

Mauro Icardi – 4.5: His team-mates didn’t find him. He couldn’t get involved and the only time they gave him a ball to run onto he could have won a penalty. Missing.

Henrique Dalbert – 6: A breath of fresh air, totally nullified Cuadrado once he was on. Perisic played his best minutes when Dalbert was on. Maybe he gets to start now?

Roberto Gagliardini – 5.5: Spalletti needed muscle when he brought Roberto on and that’s what he got. Didn’t let Juve dwell too much on the ball in his 20 mins or so.

Eder – N/A: One stupid free kick aside didn’t have much to do tonight. His pace could have been useful had he been given a few more minutes at the end

Luciano Spalletti – 5.5: Poor first half plan. Inter were lucky to go in 0-0. Things didn’t change in the 2nd half and he took too long to shut the flanks down. Lesson learnt.

Paolo Valeri – 7: Never lost control of a game where tempers could flare so easily. It was a physical game and I cant complain about the cards or fouls. Not a penalty.

Inter – 8: An important point for the season and if we take the right lessons from this game, it’s a blessing in disguise. Inter havent lost to last seasons top 3.

Do you think Inter gained valuable experience tonight? Is staying unbeaten after playing last seasons top 3 teams away a great achievement? Why didnt Inter’s attack click?

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • Stefano

    Anyways ..
    Just to change the subject :
    I am watching Milan -Bologna ,still 1-1 in the first half and I see one player in each squad that would be interesting for us
    Verdi in Bologna .
    He could be very interesting and useful in our offensive rotation.
    Could play in all kind of different offensive position in our 4-2-3-1.
    R. Rodriguez, in our particular , better context I think he may be good as our LB.

    • Chino_Recoba

      As far as I watch the bologna game, Verdi is the one that can drag the team alone. Solo fighter, he could inspire all teammates performance with his high determination. It’s time for us to think Candreva’s heir.

      • Stefano

        Yes and not just candreva, he can play right, left, 3/4ista, false 9 name it.
        So he would find lots of playtime in our second leg…one way or the other.

  • Stefano

    Guys ..all the ratings are personal.
    If we would all do the ratings we would find that we all disagree,each one of us has different ratings in mind.
    For example I would give Brozovic a 6 yesterday ,considering the context he played.
    And Perisic a 4.5.
    I am sure many of you ” disagree”…so what ?
    I have my viewpoint ,my way to read the game ,you have yours ..period.

  • kofko

    Next game I will not read the ratings if they aren’t from GDS or another newspaper. This guy is a joke his rating is shit

    • Stefano

      GdS play it very safe and conservative,so that it is hard to “disagree too much” on a 5.5 or a 6.
      Zero courage.
      99% of their ratings go from 5 to 7.
      Never higher or lower unless someone scores 3 goals or is an utter ,visible disaster through the whole game ,so that they look more “serious and conservative” ..but it’s just fear of criticism.

  • Enes Aliu

    Can we just all comment “Quit doing the ratings Suneet Bajaj” because sincerely this dude only gets on your nerves. He’s nowhere with reality when he does the ratings.

    First of all Candreva played awful along with Perisic. Especially Candreva though was terrible in every way possible compared to the last matches.

    Santon not because I like him but he deserves at least 6.0 since he contributed even in attacking more than Perisic did and it wasn’t like Cuadrado got any chances from Santon, the only one was a cross from 40 meters or more in the penalty area which was something unpredictable. Other than that Santon did his part very well, doing good passes, holding to the ball well and did way more than Perisic in the attacking end.

    Brozovic also did way more than Perisic or Candreva, at least he kept some things going although I’m not very fond of him you have to give credit where is due.

    While Dalbert which I also like as a player, didn’t do that well. He was effected by the derby emotions and lost some balls very poorly. I really don’t see how he gets to be the second most rated player with Miranda and Valero with only 20 minutes played and he didn’t have any impact on the match really. Santon offered more when holding the ball and making passes actually.

    Also Valero did fairly good, but masterful ? Give me a break please. Masterful was Pirlo, masterful was Sneijder that could make a 70 cross and find Milito facing the goalkeeper. Or shoot and score from 30 meters. Valero did average tonight, simple as that !

    The referee got a 7, really ?!! Pianic committed at least 5 fouls, that’s at least a yellow card by any standard. There was the penalty scenario, which was a penalty regardless that the touch of the ball was not on purpose it changed the direction of the ball significantly. To not mention the double standards in the fouls, where Cuadrado was getting easy fouls from Santon and everyone else that barely touched him while we didn’t get deserved fouls.

    Seriously brother, I don’t mean bad things but just give up on the ratings. You’re not cut for this.

    With much respect,
    Enes, an Interista brother

    • Stefano

      Whomever does the rating will always have disagreements with the rest of the readers.
      Each person ‘s rating would be different ,just like each person ideal starting XI or.. who should we get in our next mercato.
      People have different viewpoints one from the other , it’s part of life.
      Strange you hadn’t noticed this phenomenon of life yet

      • Enes Aliu

        Ratings are not an issue of taste or opinion brother. You can miss on some points but not be so biased and wrong each time you do them.

  • susanto r9

    Thanks handa for MOTM performance. Very valuable point indeed..i just cant believe it napoli and roma both just failed to win too LOL..

  • Mayor inter

    Best weekend for us all…Napoli vs Fiorentina draw,0-0.

  • Steven

    Brozovic is a disaster. 2.5 would be to high of a rating for him. He lost the ball over and over again, and offensively he botched the best look at goal all match. He needs to work on his ball handling, passing, shooting, defending, physical presence, creativity, and well everything. At least his attitude has improved, but he shouldn’t be wearing an Inter shirt.

    • Stefano

      He is by far our best creative , most offensive minded midfielder.
      yesterday Candreva, Icardi and Perisic performances were much worse than his, he had an excellent first half
      I have an hard time understanding the personal hate for brozo here.

      • Wynne Putradana

        Me too

      • Cobreti

        Same here.. Brozo did quite good..

  • InterGuy

    what’s wrong with your ratings? O.o
    how can D’D have the same rating with Santon?I mean D’D was way better than Santon obviously.
    How can you give Vecino and Skriniar a 5.5?They both deserve atleast a 6-6.5!
    How can Perisic and Candreva get ALMOST the same rating as Brozo!?Brozo was wasteful and lost for most of the game while the other 2 contibuted in most of the defencive work and also Perisic contributed more than Candreva,dunno how can you give a better rating to Candy tonight!!!
    And since you consider that we played like shit how can you give a rating 8 for inter?
    I mean the AVG rating OF THE PLAYERS(only) is 5.4 and you give Inter an 8???
    In conclusion:
    Vecino was at the same level as Borja and in my opinion better than him
    D’D played better than Santon so he deserves a better rating than him or Santon deserves a way worst one if you want to be strict!
    Skriniar and Miranda obviously deserve the same rating i mean Skriniar was the one that almost cost us a goal but yet his overall was at the same level as Miranda!!!
    Perisic and Candreva deserve better ratings or atleast downgrade Brozo and swap Candy’s with Perisic’s rating!
    At least if you want to be strick don’t rate higher your “favorite” players i mean giving Perisic,D’D,Icardi even Santon the same rating with Brozo is questionable!And obviosuly all of them played better than him and participated more than him!
    And Icardi was not at his best but he contributed more than some other games and was not as wastefull as Brozovic!
    I don’t get me wrong i like ALL of our players due to the shirt they wear but when you play bad you play bad and the rating will be bad and fairly bad!

  • ezekiel

    how come d’ambrosio who play for 90 minute and make a lot of good tackle and interception get only 4.5 and dalbert is 6!?

  • Pazza Zanetti

    I think that’s a bit hard against D’Ambrosio.. how many players would win a headers against Mandzukic? He should have a 5 and Vecino did very important work in the silence when he covered both he’s and Brozovic that was useless.. he should have a 6 and Brozovic should have max a 3..

    • Interfan99

      If brozo’s score was 3 than how much is perisic? 2,5 maybe
      Sure he lost ball but so are perisic
      I often don’t agree with this suneet guy, but this time i’m fine with the rating
      The conclusion is everyone shit to mediocre bar handanovic

      • Stefano

        And Valero and Miranda, he was truly flawless defensively.