VOTE: Who Is Your Man Of The Match For Juventus 0 – 0 Inter?

December 10, 2017 00:21
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Luciano Spalletti’s Inter are still undefeated in this seasons Serie A after a goalless draw away against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium in Turin. The Bianconeri dominated most of the proceedings but Milan Skriniar, Joao Miranda and Samir Handanovic were phenomenal on a night that could have ended very badly.

Who would have thought that after 16 matches in the Serie A Inter would have won 12 and drawn 4 including two goalless draws away against Napoli and Juventus? Chances are not many people, yet this is exactly what has happened as the Nerazzurri are still undefeated and 2 points clear of Juventus and Napoli with the Partenopei having a game in hand.

Inter barely created anything over 90 minutes and spent pretty much the entire match defending against a Juventus who created more than enough chances to win the match but due to equal parts poor finishing from Mandzukic and great Handanovic saves the game ended in 0-0 draw.

Who stood out for you in black & blue? Vote below and find out who the winner is on the next episode of #StudioInter.

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • susanto r9

    Handa saved the day

  • ADRIANO158

    The only calm ones were Handa, Miranda, Valero.

    • ADRIANO158

      And… Candreva was maybe too calm……

  • grilliant

    Handa’s godly goalkeeping aside, Miranda was so calm through the whole game. Experience talking right there, my vote goes to him.

  • Stefano

    rubentus never ran as many kilometers as they did in this game so far this season .

    Makes one wonder if the return of the infamous Doctor Agricola in their staff would have anything to do with it ?

    • Sean Patrick

      Back to their “old” ways.

    • Sports enthusiast

      Interesting. Who was he? Let’s here more about Dr Agricola!

      • Stefano

        He was their doctor, proven and admitted to drugging them illegally when they won their second champions cup, playing versus Ajax the final, coached by Lippi.

  • Ilir

    Perisic seemd like he had no clue what to do , Borja Valero and Brozovic just completing some of the passes and that’s it , candreva poor Icardi like he wasn’t there …. not their game !!

    • Stefano

      Yes ,only thing missing was the attacking trio.
      Even Spalletti said so in an Italian interview after the game.

      Defense was wonderful ,almost perfect and I don’t agree at all with people criticizing the midfield which has been hard working ,pressing and always trying to create versus the most in form rubentus of the season.

      What went missing completely instead were our usula offensive weapons :
      Perisic… what was wrong with him ? He had his own personal fights against the ball going on for most of the game ,he did not do the single , simplyest thing right until the 75 min ..
      And Candreva in his shy and flat version.
      Icardi is the centre forward ,so maybe it’s not all his fault ..but he was in his :
      ” I just want to score ,so , either you give me the perfect ball through or I do absolutely nothing to contribute” .

      • Ilir

        I agree but the midfield too lost to many balls even though they tried until the end , cuadrado made them look bad ….. yeah Icardi was waiting for that dear goal to come wasn’t useful at all tonight , Perisic let me speechless

  • Sukeerth B Kalluraya

    Handa did what he does best. Skrinirar and Miranda saved us for 90 mins straight too. Despite the midfield seeming very outmatched, Valero did his best and was calm as usual. The rest just couldn’t do much against a mighty Juve at home. Nonetheless, we should be glad this fixture is over.

    • kofko

      Velero could not walk second half and this is the reason why we lost the midfield. Spalletti messed the subs. Should have subbed gaglia for borja

  • John

    Handanovic, hands down.

  • il Biscione

    This team has grit. Rube was the better team today. I just have a feeling if our position come end of season will be 2-4 and not the champs it will feel like a loss. I know most folks here think I’m getting way ahead of myself big time and it might be true, but there is just something about this team – they fight for each other like champions. Handa for motm today.

  • Asyrof Syarif

    No doubt.

  • Giuseppe Meazza

    MOTM goes to Handa obviously. Miranda however was on top of his game tonight

  • Stefano