Padelli to RAI: “We underestimated them”

December 13, 2017 00:04
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After the final whistle of the marathon match between Inter and Pordenone in this year’s TIM Coppa Italia, Inter goalkeeper Daniele Padelli commented on the difficulties Inter faced when playing the Friulian team: “To be honest we got more and more tired. Before the game I said that we had the right approach, instead we underestimated them and were a bit surprised. This time everything went well, now we have to learn from this game so that we do not repeat the errors we made tonight. Nothing but praise to Pordenone, good Friulians are tough. My wife is actually from Udinese so I know about about people from Friulia, it would make me really happy if they would make it to the Serie B”.

Words from Inter back-up keeper, Daniele Padelli who came through during the penalties that followed the extra time with three saves, enbling Yuto Nagatomo to score the winning penalty. Inter through after a Tuesday night drama.

Source: RAI

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Pradana Gilang

    Okay, it was shitty performance. But can we stop blaming players. The season is still long and we still have objective to reach. Your support is very much needed.

  • casperv

    “good Friulians are tough. My wife is actually from Udinese so I know about about people from Friulia,” – Hhahahaha so we know how rules at his home!! 🙂

  • susanto r9

    Padell’s performance is very solid ..he’s the MOTM


    I just want to add, they had players of experience. Ours was young and without any true leaders of the team. I believe our mistake was trusting a team with no one with true authority on the pitch… I believe Inter has seen this before, and I will await my judgement on those many others judged already, without any leaders wings to grow under. Still, not good enough…

  • Asyrof Syarif

    Indeed… And i saw it best when brozo subbed in.
    Credit to pordenone, (I slipped-tongue to say Pardonnez-moi), you’ve got my utmost respect with how you play last night. Just Gr8!

  • Interfan99

    Never underestimate anyone, we have Pazza Inter in our DNA… like i said before even some serie D team ” can ” beat us

  • Musavie Abdillah

    “we underestimated them ” Padelli sums it up good. Spaletti need to bitchslap everyone in the team, especially the one who caught slacking the whole 90mins or so..

    • ezekiel

      not padelli, since he played really well..

  • Stefano

    Out of “the new guys ” I save Cancelo who does have some qualities .
    Karamoh is still “green ” , not ready for us ,he has some growing to do but at least does have potential.
    Dalbert ,sorry ,he is just below average period.
    Torino or Sampdoria have way better left backs , just a wrong acquisition this summer and official.

    • Fiano

      I second this line:

      “Out of “the new guys ” I save Cancelo who does have some qualities .
      Karamoh is still “green ” , not ready for us ,he has some growing to do but at least does have potential”

    • zuldegret

      I still believe in Dalbert. He had decent game imo. He needs time.. Cancelo did well as winger and FB. And yeah Karamoh is still raw.

      • Stefano

        I don’t see anything in him.
        Nothing at all.
        He never really made “bad mistakes” tonight because ,once again , he never ,ever really tried a quality play at all ,he just does not have one in his mind and his feet.
        ( and this is the 8th game where he comes in or starts, and he has been training with us for 4 months )
        As opposed to Cancelo who DOES have quality and potential.

        Dalbert would have some speed,potentially , but Serie A is DEFINITELY not the league where you find lots of open space to run into.
        We spent our last available money on him last summer and he is now still behind both Santon and Nagatomo , then he has been a wrong acquisition, past tense.
        Time to realize it and try cut our losses with him.
        The Gabigol of the defensive left flank.

        • Chino_Recoba

          Is there any obligation to redeem on Dalbert loan formula? If it is, I wish Spalletti does his magic spell on him as he did to former Lord Naga & Rano.

    • Anto

      yes cancelo still got something to offer as he can burst up forward helping the attacks but his crossing quality and accuracy to cross is just awful, we should be hoping candreva to be fit and on-fire till end of the season to cover the right side.

      karamoh meanwhile is very promising, he just need a more playing time.

      and padelli is reliable so far as a backup, lucky we have him and get rid of carrizo

  • postal

    I’m mad as fuck. I tuned in to watch a calm and easy win for my team and see the youngsters shine against semi-amateurs. Instead I watched morons run like headless chicken and not be able to do 2 passes in a row. What the hell?!? Cancelo shouldn’t be redeemed, Karamoh got destroyed on several occasions and couldn’t manage to score clear chances. Even Perisic was just passing the ball to their goalie every chance he got. Gagliardini dreadful, Nagatomo his typical self, only redeeming thing is he scored the last penalty with class. I hope Spalletti rips their asses apart tonight…

    • Stefano

      Nagatomo did his job .
      Much better than Dalbert ,that’s for sure.

      • kuda

        Dalbert is the lowest in fb hierarchy at this time.

        • Stefano

          I just read it correctly now :
          Yes ,Dalbert definitely lowest , no doubts.

          • Pradana Gilang

            in regards of potential ability between Dalbert and Cancelo, my view is totally opposite with you bro. For me, Cancelo has nothing to add in tactical point of view, he has dribbling ability but need more space to become effective whereas Dalbert has good feet and speed despite have not showing his full potential yet. I still put my hope on them ,and better let them growing without so much pressure on their shoulder before they truly become our new gabilol.

          • Stefano

            Different viewpoints.

          • Pradana Gilang

            But still your opinion always better than mine

          • Stefano

            Ah ah

          • casperv

            Agree with you, Cancelo isn’t Inter material

          • ezekiel

            i remember some people said that he’s our best FB.. LMAO..XD

    • kuda

      I think one of the reason they play like shit is because there was no borja or the brain on the field. Vecino and gagliardini are useless in this regard. Brozo is performing underpar yet again. We were so static and predictable.

      • casperv

        No, simply a lack of motivation… won´t happen against Udinese – Spalla will make that sure

        • BoBo32

          i think so as well. Though honestly it seemed like one of those games where it just wouldn’t go in.

          Credit to prodenone this was the game of their careers against inter in San Siro and they put up a magnificent fight.

          • casperv

            They surely did and the speakers on the channel I watched the game on, also said the 22 year old goalkeeper of theirs surely will move to a bigger club next summer

    • Musavie Abdillah

      Nobody highlight pinamonti 🙁

      • 1nteristi

        yeahh..i wonder how did he do last nite? why is he subbed on halftime?

        • ezekiel

          nothing to say about him, because he’s invisible.. he seriously not ready for the first team. we really need to sign a new striker to cover for icardi..

          • casperv

            True, and he needs to move on in order to learn and to play – he´s too talented to not play

      • ezekiel

        nothing to say about him.. he did almost nothing..

    • fcinter1908

      Well I think Concelo had a good game, he still lack passing and cross acuraccy and decision making but he does have a good material. Karamoah didn’t play well tactically. He overshowed his pace and dribble then made a lot of mistakes especially in front of goal. For Dalbert I still believe in him, I Personally think FB in Serie A need play simple as he can, quick transition between Att&Def, not flashy Technician like J. Alba l, Carvajal. Dalbert still has doubt in that transition