Padelli to RAI: “We underestimated them”

Padelli to RAI: “We underestimated them”
December 13, 2017 00:04
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After the final whistle of the marathon match between Inter and Pordenone in this year’s TIM Coppa Italia, Inter goalkeeper Daniele Padelli commented on the difficulties Inter faced when playing the Friulian team: “To be honest we got more and more tired. Before the game I said that we had the right approach, instead we underestimated them and were a bit surprised. This time everything went well, now we have to learn from this game so that we do not repeat the errors we made tonight. Nothing but praise to Pordenone, good Friulians are tough. My wife is actually from Udinese so I know about about people from Friulia, it would make me really happy if they would make it to the Serie B”.

Words from Inter back-up keeper, Daniele Padelli who came through during the penalties that followed the extra time with three saves, enbling Yuto Nagatomo to score the winning penalty. Inter through after a Tuesday night drama.

Source: RAI

Olof Svensson
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