Luciano Spalletti: “We Started Badly And Finished Poorly”

December 16, 2017 21:00
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Inter manager Luciano Spalletti spoke with Sky Sport Italia after the Nerazzurri recorded their first Serie A defeat of the season at home at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milano’s San Siro district against Udinese when losing 1-3.

Have you discovered a new side of Inter?

“The second half was totally unexpected. I feel we had a good first half but in the second half nothing went well. I brought in Gagliardini but the situation hardly improved.”

What does this defeat teach you?

“What should have been taught? When we do something wrong, we pay for it. We need to bring in balance in the squad and play well again. It is the part of the mistakes which we have talked about earlier too. We started badly and finished poorly. We lacked the sharpness in front too but among the positives is we tried. We took many shots on goal and even we had possession inside the box too but at the end we failed to break their wall. They were solid.”

With a little extra budget which changes would you make in the squad?

“That depends on the little which you are talking about. We might need the little to make us stronger but we are still strong.”

By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • Mahmoud Jaradat

    Clearly we need a playmaker . Swapping pastore and mario is the best deal right now. in central defense we should look for a replacement for 33 years old miranda. de vrij would be the best choice since his contact with lazio expires in june and we can get him cheaply in winter . The main problems remains in fullbacks . Ambrosio is doing well most of the times but cannot be considered a top player . if money doesnt matter bring djibril sidibe from monaco . his price costs much less than the last season because of the poor performance by monaco this season . Maybe 25-30 M is enough . in the left side and unless dalbert do something special in the rest of the season, bring marcos rojo from man united . he is well in fullback role as he is in central defender and his contract expires in 2019

  • syahrul sembarang

    Hope spaletti can calm the dressing room, start evaluating performance closely. Next week is different week,n next match will start with 0-0 so lets back to winning track again.

  • VieriTottiDelpiero

    Poor Inter. Spalletti continued the same midfiled (Valero, Brozo, Vecino) game by game. There is no trequartista in our squad! We cannot continue like this without any trequartista. Vecino+Gagliardini was a great combination in central midfield and we need a trequartista to play right behind Icardi. Playing Valero, or Brozovic, or Joao Mario in that position does not work! The weakness of defense was also revealed! No benefits of signing Dalbert and Calcelo. We are still relying on Santon and D’Ambrosio and aging Miranda. Needs enforcement in winter!!!

    • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

      you have NAGATOMO on the bench ! a perfect marco branca approved fullback 🙂

  • Inter4life

    Ok we shouldn’t panic BUT this has been a very bad week. We were lucky against a serie C team and lost at home against a bottom team. We need a central def, defensive mid and a trequista. Remember couple years ago when we were winter champions with Mancini and then we totally collapsed after two bad games in a row… we need reinforcements asap. If we atleast get two players in the position we need, it’ll
    Be great. Two of Teixeira, Ramires, Pastore is no out of this world… I fear if we don’t do that the scudetto is lost… but we shouldn’t give up hope since we’re up there.

  • INTer

    the last 2 match we already got exposed. better have another plan now. i hope sunning spend money in trequartista this winter mercato.

    • 1nteristi

      A trequartista an another CB would be sweeatt

  • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

    the first game of the season where inter plays mid-week and they lose………lol you bought valero (33 in January) who can only play 70 minutes a week and you wonder why he wants pastore ! but don’t worry cuz you got Eder on the bench ! if you need defenders juve can sell you Barzagli and Lichsteiner !

    • PaweĹ‚

      Haha and there he is, troll went back

    • Deathstroke

      Wow we lose and look who is back after half a year absence… Coward piece of shit

      • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

        well if inter played more than once a week they would lose more often ! but get ready…..the annual january collapse just started !

        • Deathstroke

          We will see….

      • 1nteristi

        yuup..that piece of shit..son of a bitch is back from the cave

    • Bella Soraya

      Trolls can say whatever they say, because they have more experiences, especially in Serie B. Then tell us your good match in serie B. #championofserieB

    • Musavie Abdillah

      Only coming back after a lost, from a hiding spot behind yo mama toilet

  • El Cuchu 19

    He’s clearly asking for reinforcements…
    Mentioning Iniesta, Ramos and Sanchez is another recent clear signal from Spalletti that he wants an upgraded quality on the wings, in the center back and the attacking midfield..
    Meanwhile..Ausilio keeps on saying we need nobody..
    I am curious to see what will happen, but for me, Cristante..Donsah..even Torreira and Chiesa won’t do it.We already have good players all over the field, we don’t need more of the same.Only top class players I would consider an upgrade to our roster..

    • Bellal Amerkhail

      which top player would join us tho?

      • El Cuchu 19

        That is the problem..
        In January, mid-season, without Champions League football..chances are near impossible that we get top class players, which means we have to make do with what we got, maybe plug holes (like getting an extra CB),and just focus on a top 4 finish [not excluding a scudetto challenge though, as despite losing, Inter showed throughout the season, that they can still be up there until the end]
        Should we secure Champions League qualification by the end of the season, we should only go for top players in the summer, and why not, secure some if possible in january on a pre-contract for free like Sanchez for example who’s contract will expire by the end of this season..

        • Bellal Amerkhail

          I cant see Alexis Sanchez joining us in our first season for CL when hes guaranteed better options haha

    • 1nteristi

      Which ramos did he mentioned bro?

      • El Cuchu 19

        Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos..