Player Ratings – Inter 1 – 3 Udinese: Lasagna Eats Inter’s Defence

December 16, 2017 20:30
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Inter were on a 16 game unbeaten streak and absolutely dominated the first half. The 2nd half was a nightmare and reminiscent of the dark days under Frank De Boer were Inter couldn’t string a couple of passes together in the second half which led to Inter’s first defeat of the season.

Samir Handanovic – 5.5: Faultless on the 1st and 2nd goal and made some great saves, but could have been a little more proactive overall. This was more like last season.

Danilo D’Ambrosio – 5: He was ok defensively and made a great pass to help create a goal but didn’t use the oppurtunities to attack at all in the first half.

Milan Skriniar – 5: His worst game for Inter. Let Lasagna fool him too many times. His character shines through but was partially at fault for the 1st and 3rd goal.

Joao Miranda – 5: Tried to play like he did in Turin, battled hard but lost at crucial times. His evening was made worse by the guy to his left but poor overall.

Davide Santon – 4: Did some good things in the first half then made a foolish mistake. Our left was like an autostrada for Udinese. Should lose his place in the starting lineup.

Borja Valero – 4.5: Made the first mis-step today as an Inter player, on the first goal. But overall couldn’t make the team tick as he does. Suffered just like his team.

Matias Vecino – 4.5: Just like Skriniar, he had his worst game today. Never looked like winning the midfield battle or any 50-50’s. Needs to use the time out next week.

Antonio Candreva – 5: Yes he got the assist. Yes all our attacks came down the right, but today he always made the worst decisions on the ball. Poor crossing is back.

Marcelo Brozovic – 4.5: If he is the best trequarterista in this squad then Inter are doomed. Only did something when he came deep into our half, missed too many shots.

Ivan Perisic – 5: Is it time to put up the missing posters? Shockingly poor today. It wasn’t that we couldn’t find him, he just couldn’t do anything right at all.

Mauro Icardi – 6: Limited opportunites, but still got a goal for his team. Only made 1 mistake that springs to mind but even his determination wasn’t enough today.

Roberto Gagliardini – 6: Brought the strength Inter were lacking in midfield, won a lot of balls but came on at the wrong time as rest of the team had collapsed by then.

Yann Karamoh – 5.5: Usual spark and free kicks won. However his inexperience showed, he should be playing only when Inter are ahead as the pressure wont help.

Eder – N/A: Missed one header but didn’t have much to anyways in his 10 mins or so, just like Icardi we failed to find him or use him at all.

Luciano Spalletti – 4: Whatever he said at half time was wrong. Change of shape didn’t do anything. No way Candreva & Perisic deserved to play the 90 mins at all.

Mariani – 6.5: Good use of the VAR, Inter cant complain about the penalty. Didn’t make a couple of bookings that could be given on another day.

Inter – 4: This is a step back. The attitude in the 2nd half was like we had already won. It cost us dearly. Test of character coming up. Mentally absent.

Will Inter recover from this loss and come out stronger? Or is this the start of the traditional December crash-and-burn period? Do Brozovic and Santon deserve another chance? Was bringing on Karamoh the right substitution?

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • igo

    just a bad day. hope there’s is no another bad day and we can learn from our mistakes

  • Stefano

    First game of the season I couldn’t watch live, I swear ,I had a long drive on the freeway for work at the time of the match.
    Apparently I am the ” Anti-Thohir “.
    I am The Rihohr (Thohir spelled backward ).

    I watched now the first half and ..what do you know ?
    Inter was good ,I would say almost excellent in the fist half , I saw nothing in that half game that made me deeply worried about. Inter
    In fact I saw some pretty good things developing in our game during that first half , some things are actually getting better in our game.

    I understand the second half was really bad from Inter, so ?
    Shit happens ,sometimes the other teams have their best day and you lose or tie a’s part of the deal.

    I see a moron like ” I miss Marco Branca ” put his little antennas back out in the open worries ,he will be back in the sewers soon.

  • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

    I give Thohir a 10 + because his presence in the stands made the difference in this game !! Maybe Spaletti forgot how to manage a team when they play more than once a week because the first time inter played more than once a week they lose ! lol, take a look at the serie a standings because the math says that after finishing 6th 9th 5th 8th 4th 7th the last 6 years the next number is 3rd and that’s where inter is at ! Leave the trophies to Juve, drop out of coppa italia, spend 200 million in player transfer and worry about finishing 3rd place that’s if all the old grandpas on this team can survive the season !!

    • Nyubitol Kaskus

      Who spent 200 million in player transfer? Was it Inter or Milan?

      Who are the old grandpas on this team? Was it Buffon, Barzagli, or Chiellini?

      You can’t even get your facts straight.

    • El Príncipe

      Rubentus has been in third all season… You move to second and can’t stop trolling inter lol Milan spent 200M and still loses to Verona, not us. Go back to your rube friends where you congratulate and jerk each other for being in second

      • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

        40 mill for kondogbia + 30 mill for gabigol = 70 mill down the toilet…….45 mill JM sitting on the bench of a team that finished 7th place last season………with that money combined you could have bought Pogba and problem resolved !!!!

        • El Príncipe

          We’ll recoup kondo money after Valencia buy then sell him and JM will be sold soon… Patience, we aren’t even half way through the season, rube might even finish 5th behind Roma and Lazio Lol

          • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

            well coming from a fan who has seen his team finish 6th 9th 5th 8th 4th 7th the last6 years you would know pretty good what that part of the table looks like right 😛

        • Nyubitol Kaskus

          Nope, you clearly insinuated that Inter spent 200 million in player transfer which is clearly incorrect since that jibe was supposed to be aimed at BBilan.

          So, back to the initial point that you can’t even get your fact straight.

          And please, do enlighten us about who these old grandpas at Inter are supposed to be. Clearly Valero and Miranda are not any older than Buffon, Barzagli, and Chiellini.

  • Pradana Gilang

    I hate when I’m losing but I pity Santon for the two mistake he made. After that he looks depressed and totally losing self-confidence. I rarely cursing player and regret did that to him. I could talking all-day about the referee who become same old italian referee that we know, even there is VAR. But that’s the reality we must accept as Inter fans. If RuBe can be proud winning scudetto because of corrupt referee, well it’s their problem. I don’t really care about it anymore.

  • fcinter1908

    Well finally our weakness totally exposed.
    1. We don’t have a playmaker either J. Mario or Brozovic (and Spaletti did know this problem that’s why he always play Perisic and Candreva no matter what as long as their Physical condition Ok) And if we have to choose one of them to get rid I will always say Brozovic. Last Match we saw Brozo and Vecino underform and J. Mario at least can be deployed in Vecino Role.
    2. Well to be honest I Overhyped with Santon especially in Chievo, but after Juve it is a fact his pyhisical condition can’t support in a game with high intensity (Cuadrado finished him off and there was too obvius in last match).

    I still believe in our defense capability this year but in offensive side we clearly need Help. I prefer loan Texeteira rather than Switch Player PastoreJ. Mario

    • Stefano

      Before this game I thought that maybe Nagatomo would have been safer.
      But I wouldn’t take it all on Santon , who ,apart from today’s mistakes , has generally been making some serious ,good progress in his form.
      A bad day can happen to anyone.
      Skriniar for example, he wasn’t so perfect either yesterday.

      The main thing is to get right back up on the saddle in Sassuolo.
      Just one bad game and Udinese playing their best always happens in a league ,even to the best teams.

  • nozanneti

    in how many games has perišić been turned off ?
    he is not THAT perišić any more, and I am a Croat … he MUST come back to performances he showed last season.

  • nozanneti

    D’Ambrosio – 5, hahahaha ….

  • il Biscione

    It was one bad game. I kind of hover between defiatism and believing this team being different from previous seen last six whatever seasons. For some reason I believe this is just a blip and Spalletti can turn this around quickly. Forza Inter till the fucking end!

    • Rikard Olsson

      Yeah I agree. Also to me Inter was dominating in the first half and was entertaining to watch. It was just the second half where everything went wrong, perhaps need a break after a season with many games for the usual starters.

  • Deisti

    Can you imagine Inter with 3 weeks: Lazio, Fiorentina and Roma?

  • Munawir Biki

    Whatever mistakes happen in defense today I still blaming our attacking player for not decisive enough on creating chances. They looks doesn’t have energy when deliver crosses, doesn’t have any determination to penetrate opponent’s box. And this problem already can be seen from Coppa game actually when Perisic and Icardi doesn’t have any cool head to finish our chances. Either they need to step up, or some new faces need to come to provide additional options aswell to challenge our first team player.

  • Oyakojo-olufemi Taophyk

    Karamoh will be the world next rated… feel bad about the inexperience but with more playing time ” watch out “

    • nozanneti

      I am fed up with that qualification “NOT EXPERIENCED” !

      please, oyakojo, it is not your fault, but I hear it always when it is about inter young players.

      —- let’s see how “experienced players” performed today.

      player is good or bad, for bad player there is no use to get experience, it cannot help him…
      rano has much experience, santon, ambrosio, miranda, …

  • Oyakojo-olufemi Taophyk

    Brozovic is totally out-dated product… we need a better human in that area

  • ezekiel

    So the first goal was borja’s mistake, and not santon who lose the ball cheaply in our area!?LOL

    • Oyakojo-olufemi Taophyk

      I’ll put the blam in santon bro… in your yard that dribble is too cheap

      • ezekiel

        Me too.. That’s why i’m questioning his decision to put the blame on borja.. ^^

        • Oyakojo-olufemi Taophyk

          What is your comment to brozovic… to me inter should rather release him instead of kondogbia

          • nozanneti

            inter should rather release him instead of kondogbia — too late to think about kondo !

          • ezekiel

            if there’s an offers for him, i would sell him and get pastore for replacement. for kondo, it’s too late for him..

    • Asyrof Syarif

      It’s Santon, Borja slipped, not mis-step

      • ezekiel

        it’s santon who lose the ball first, and borja slipped because he’s not ready for that stupid mistake from santon.