Terzo Tempo – What Goes Up Must Come Down

December 16, 2017 20:00
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Inter played Udinese at home in what was a very shocking lost game to an inform bottom of the table team. Inter lost for a number of reasons today and the fact that their first defeat came almost right before the January transfer window may be a blessing in disguise. This will force the higher ups to take a hard look at the club and only want to better it because if Inter would’ve remained undefeated Sunning could have said that they have all the tools needed to achieve their goals of top four and/or Scudetto.

Today, the clear weak link was Santon, the first two goals were caused by a turnover on the first one and on the second one was just sloppy defending and poor placement. Inter then felt the need to revert to a three back to put all their chances in the likes of Karamoh while Santon came off. Karamoh showed a lot of good things and looked to be able to really drive the team forward and create chances but in the end it just wasn’t enough. Through out the game Inter just didn’t have luck on their sides hitting the wood work several times in the last twenty minutes.

The problems in the game started in the second half because the first half was a very successful one taking 18 shots, which if continued into the second half would have inevitably led to at least a goal and probably less goals against. The second half, consisted of so many wasted chances. For example, Inter had the opportunity to convert 8 corners in the last 38 minutes and not one of those corners were converted and only three hit the target.

To add to Inter’s inability to convert today, Perisic and Candreva both had horrible games in terms of basically not being able to create chances for themselves or Icardi, they both looked to have been off their game and looked like they lacked the creativity to build dangerous chances. Logically with the distribution being cut off Icardi was only able to convert while they were playing good soccer which was only in the first half.

In conclusion, if Inter would have played a full 90 minutes instead of playing well only the first half, Udinese probably wouldn’t have been on the ball as often which would have been less critical in regards to the final result.

Andrew Di Franco
By Andrew Di Franco
  • Stefano

    First game I couldn’t watch live this season, I had a job to do , a long ride to San Diego and I was driving on the freeway during the game.
    It appears I am the perfect opposite of Thohir.

  • Mahmoud Jaradat

    Clearly we need a playmaker . Swapping pastore and mario is the best deal right now. in central defense we should look for a replacement for 33 years old miranda. de vrij would be the best choice since his contact with lazio expires in june and we can get him cheaply in winter . The main problems remains in fullbacks . Ambrosio is doing well most of the times but cannot be considered a top player . if money doesnt matter bring djibril sidibe from monaco . his price costs much less than the last season because of the poor performance by monaco this season . Maybe 25-30 M is enough . in the left side and unless dalbert do something special in the rest of the season, bring marcos rojo from man united . he is well in fullback role as he is in central defender and his contract expires in 2019 and doesnt play regularly

    • Stefano

      JM for Pastore would be great , IF financially possible.
      ( Pastore makes A LOT more than any of our players , Icardi included. And we can’t afford to lose a lot of moneout of selling JM,compared to what we spent on him ).
      Let see if they find a financially sustainable way to do it
      Getting somehow a couple more elements Spalletti doesn’t dislike to complete the squad rotation would also be good.
      But , I am telling anyone :
      Let’s keep our hope level low:
      We are still under financial troubles and restrictions.

  • Walter White

    Oddo fired up his players on the break and they came out and beat the crap out of us. They were everywhere and wan duells and won every ball outhere. Under 20 minutes of the second half our players looked like a bunch of sissies. I was furious! Their game plan was play counterattack and hope to score and despite fact that Santon is the freaking snail Spalleti put him before Speedy Gonzales Yutic. Doesnt make sense! How did Spalleti reasoned there? Three points lost becose Oddo saw a weekness and Spal didn´t.

    • Stefano

      They(Udinese) admitted having their best game ever this season in that second half…shit happens ,it’s part of the Serie A game,it has always been.
      Herrera ,Trapattoni ,Mancini I and Mourinho all found some small teams on a good day beating them…even with the best , most dominant Inter versions in history.

  • INTer

    need to bring in a trequartista this winter mercato, thats the missing puzzle.