Luciano Spalletti: “Inter Squad Can Be Improved, Milinkovic Is A Fantastic Player, Cancelo Is Exceptional”

December 19, 2017 23:00
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Inter coach Luciano Spalletti talked to the gathering press during the launch of Italo Cucci’s book about the Moratti family and their ties with Inter. Spalletti was speaking on a wide variety of topics, with particular focus on the transfer window.

Spalletti was asked about the parallels drawn with treble hero José Mourinho stating that: “Mourinho has writtem history at Inter, I hardly knew how to get to the Pinetina. You continue to approach us, which does not put me at ease. I am here because the book of the Moratti family, therefore I want to focus on that and the impact that the Moratti family has had on Inter’s history. Their passion for Inter goes beyond what is possible. In all of our meetings, Moratti proves how much he loves Inter. He wants us to make the most and he transmits to us how much he believes in us and he wants to  make us understand  we are not alone. Massimo knows all about the history of Inter, he has passed various situations in this club, from him we can only learn. I will read the book because I want to learn something.”

Spalletti continued about the current season stating that: “to achieve importants goals we must not pretend anything, we must cross every hard situation and live through the defeats. Now we have done that, we are in it and we have to react in order to grow and continue to get where we want to go. The team is not tired, this morning they had a great practice. It was an exceptional practice, in this situation there are two paths to go. The first is to throw in the towel, the second one is to roll up the sleeves and start again. The boys have rolled up their sleeves.”

The former Roma tactician was asked if Manchester United’s Daley Blind and Lazio duo Sergej Milinkovic-Savic and Luis Alberto  are players he would want Inter to sign replying that: “I talk about the players I have, becuase these are the players that will get the next points. Talking about the market, we need to plan well together with the club. Players like Milinkovic-Savic and Luis Alberto know how to write a story on their own, no need to add anything. They are high quality players who and they are interesting for big clubs. We are a big club but I repeat that I like my players more because it is with them I can impact where we finish in the league.

“Emerson Palmieri is not a player that is not fitting in well at his club. In order to sign him it would take a lot of money aven though he still needs to show his story. In this role I have Nagatomo, Santon and Dalbert who all still need to learn some things and then Cancelo who is exceptional. We are covered in that position but we remain attentive as ever.”

Spalletti was then asked about the role that Sabatini has at Inter as well as the need to sign players in January stating that: “We can improve but it is not easy. We have a number of players that allow us to achieve the goals we set out in the beginning. In order to reach there you have to go through difficult times which you have to react to. What we have said recently is that the owners must dictate our strategy on the transfer market. Then we will adapt and everything will be much clearer for our fans. We have an important movement which gives us great support.”

In conclusion Spalletti was asked about the situation regarding Joao Mario stating that: “you guys seem to have more of a dialogue with the players than I do. He has not told me that he wants to leave. The guy returned from tonsillitis and has trained really well, today he showed that he wants to fight for a starting place. You are all professionals in doubt and report what is true but he has not told me anything.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • nozanneti

    spalleti be prepared,…. chinese want profit, they are going to sell wanda’s boy next summer !!!
    mark my words.

    • Henry Michael

      Cant wait for it..

  • Musavie Abdillah

    Blind, Milinkovic-Savic and Luis Alberto is expensive investment.
    Lazio already declared no less than 70million, last mercato. Today? Some say ManU need 100million.

    That is crazy. We;re big club, but not big enough to spend 70million for one player.
    35-40ish, maybe. But definitely not 70.

    Daley is for sale, as Mourinho said, but no price has been released to public, but surely there will be bidding war for this lad. Honestly me not so sure, he wanna join us or he is fit to play Italian league.

    Alberto draw the attention of spanish giants, which we;re unable to compete if Madrid and Barca issue a bidding.

    So the three are unrealistic. Especially for January.

  • Keith

    *insert fire emoji*

    • Pradana Gilang

      it’s scudetto material but seems improbable considering sergej skyrocketing value

  • casperv

    Hmm Suning has reportely put Teixiera up for sale according to Tutto-shit. Capello doesn’t like him and isn’t playing him much (Capello is an old school 4-4-2 and he doens’t fit in). So Teix to join us could be a possibility! We need him- (if he´s the same player he was for Shaktar D when wonted by the hole of Europe that is) – more than we need Ramirez even though I like him a lot too!
    Milinkovic-Savic will never join us because he´s too expensive…

    • nozanneti

      capello has some doubtful championships but with his affairs with englad, russia, and chinese, he proved he is just a greed cheater and money grabber ! he will never be in a big club again, everybody learned who he is now.
      he has no whasoever honesty…. pure bastard !

  • casperv

    Morratti´s book should be called: “How to make a huge club bankrupt in only 19 years time, only winning 5 scudetti, 1 Uefa Cup and 1 CL cup for that money, and how to leave the club when the going gets tough – and still be loved by the fans!

    • El Cuchu 19

      You are seeing with only one eye here..
      1-Inter is not bankrupt
      2-Only 5 scudetti, but never forget Rubentus stealing the scudetti before the calciopoli..those 5 came straight up after they were exposed.
      3-Continental cups..well truth be told, success breeds success..such was the case in 2010 when we won everything, as success gives confidence and experience.. “the culture of winning”.How can Inter get that if they were not even allowed to win pre-calciopoli?
      4-All that money, Moratti did spend a lot of money on Inter without success, again..why?because Inter were being robbed..if that wasn’t the case, and Serie A was being contested fairly,Inter under Moratti would have won much more than 5 scudetti, had much more money (from wining), and had much better record in the continental cups.At times I wonder if people fully realise how much Rubentus damaged Inter with their years and years of theft and robbery!!
      5-He left the club by handing it to people he trusted they can take back Inter to the top and it seems he chose well, much better than Berlusconi’s choice for Bilan..

      Yes..Massimo Moratti may not be the best at managing football clubs, but one can not disregard entirely that he has done good for Inter too…Respect for Massimo Moratti.

      • casperv

        Blaming Juve for his shit-way of running the club is simply childish. Calciopioli started around 2004 but before that we never won a thing either, why? Because the old fool running the club didn’t have a clear idea about how to run a football club. If the team lost 3 games in a row he simply sacked the coach and the new coach would demand 4-5 new players which Moratti gave him and that’s why he leaded the club into in of the most In debts clubs in the world. By now we have a debt around 600-700 mil euros which he created. True Thohir took out a big loan too 250, when he brought the club, but only to pay off a huge loan Moratti had made club take before him. Even the year we won it all we came out with a huge minus in the budget and him selling to Thohir didn’t change a thing at all. He simply sold to the only one who wanted the club. But at a discount price for sure.

        Yes he and his oli company bought in a lot of great players but the salary was paid by the club which was what let us to ‘bankruptcy’ and why we for 7-8 years have been forced to buying young, cheap unproven players in stead of competing with the best clubs for the best players.
        Don’t blame ffp blame an incredibly bad way of running the club by Moratti that saw clubs like City, Psg, Chelsea and even Juve – who went to serie b and back – overtake us.
        Sunning has in their short time with us showed a lot more planing ahead than Moratti ever did.

        • El Cuchu 19

          Well yeah, I thought I made it clear that I agree with you about what you are saying, Massimo Moratti was bad at running Inter, he was chaotic in his decision making.That said..I’m urging you and whoever agree with you, not to focus SOLELY on this side of Massimo Moratti’s reign when judging him, as he has done good by the club too, and RUBENTUS DID DAMAGE Inter a lot during Moratti’s 18-19 years at the helm [10 years 1995-2005]..
          You see, when Inter wasn’t winning, he brought in big names, and the biggest, the best and the most expensive one at the time, Ronaldo in 97..He made BIG reasonable/sensible moves to increase Inter’s chances of winning, which Inter would, had Serie A not been corrupted and Rubentus cheating their way into scudetti.After that, he went desperate..with desperate/chaotic decisions.There I can only half-blame him, as in a fair Serie A, he needn’t do all the crazy stuff he did, for Inter would have won with Ronaldo in more than one scudetto, and as I mentioned before, winning breeds winning, stability, sensibility and wealth..and one can NOT shy away from the fact that THESE were ROBBED from Massimo Moratti’s Inter by F**KING RUBENTUS.

          • casperv

            The cheating of Juve didn’t effect Moratti first 10 years at the club and all his money spend, fired coaches or players buyed back then, but was really a quiet small amount of years in which Moratti was our president.
            He wants the club almost into bankruptcy because of his chaotic planing, as you said and that’s why Inter has been a mess ever since desperately fighting, not for the title today bit for a cl place!
            Moratti did nothing to help the club getting self-sustainable like Abrahamovic has done with Chelsea – he had 19 years but never planed ahead and never build us a stadium or anything for the club.
            He was only motivated to do as well or better than what his father did with el grande Inter…

          • il Biscione

            Moratti is part of the old-school Italian sugar daddy owners: Berlusconi, Sensi’s, Cragnotti etc. Pretty much every Italian owner had the same model and it didn’t end too well for them. Agnelli’s are an exception to that rule. It doesn’t take the blame away from Moratti, but he’s just part of that culture in club owning.

          • Bella Soraya

            Do you thinking like this 7 years ago? Do you still sketptical like this when we were treble winning? With all due respect about your opinion, but bussiness is bussiness, thats the risk of what we achieved, and today is process to win something again. Thanks god we were not ended up like Parma or Leeds United for example.

          • casperv

            Yep I started to be realise what a big fool we had as our president when we won the triple and the wc for clubs but still came out with a big minus in that years budget. That really made me think and all the 7-8 years if suffering and mediocrity that followed woke me up.
            I loved him as our president and listen when he spoke because he spoke and acted like a true fan, but that drew the club into the mud as well!

    • nozanneti

      Moratti familyhad no visio, had no money, had no brains.
      thank you mourinho, you saved them by making a miracle !

    • nozanneti

      and how to leave the club when the going gets tough,

      – and still be loved by the fans!

    • il Biscione

      You´re being too harsh on Massimo. He wasn´t the best, but winning ain´t that easy anyways. The book is also about his dad I think. Angelo & Massimo Moratti at the helm of Inter quickly calculated together 31 years out of 109 years in existence have brought the club 8/18 scudetto´s, 3/3 European Cups/CL and 1/3 UEFA Cups. There is some reason there to love Moratti´s – yes, Massimo also.

      • casperv

        A lot of reason to love Angelo but at what price did we win the cl, the eufa cup and the 5 scudetti?
        The price was a shell bombed club that was thrown into a chaotic periode where clubs like Roma and Napoli and a well build club coming from serie b, Juve, all overtook us. And for the next couple of years we will still be the 3.-4.strongest team in serie A because a shifty economy. All thanks to Moratti

        • il Biscione

          Huge price. It’s also been calculated that Massimo spent about billion euro’s of his own money to this club. He didn’t achieve everything only by putting the club in depth, which he also did. But c’mon billion of his own money.

          • casperv

            He made a great profit when he sold his own oli company but shit loads when he sold to Thohir.. The money he spend came from his oli company

          • il Biscione

            He has pocketed something like 400/450 millions for selling Inter shares I guess, but I don’t know the entire sum of those two sales. I still bet he has made close to billion losses anyways. And that money of course came from Saras – it’s the Moratti company.

            I’m just saying that even though he ain’t the best businessman and left Inter in bad condition he has invested hell of a lot of his own money to this club and that cannot be ignored when talking about Moratti.

          • casperv

            Of course he has a huge place in the history of Inter as being the president who brought the triple home, but he should also be remembered as the president who spend millions of money – both his ‘own’ and Inter’s – without ever planing ahead, building a stadium etc..
            We win the triple but were left fighting for the cl for almost 10 years after that success, without standing a chance of competeting with Juve – with it?