Luciano Spalletti: “Inter Squad Can Be Improved, Milinkovic Is A Fantastic Player, Cancelo Is Exceptional”

Luciano Spalletti: “Inter Squad Can Be Improved, Milinkovic Is A Fantastic Player, Cancelo Is Exceptional”
December 19, 2017 23:00
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Inter coach Luciano Spalletti talked to the gathering press during the launch of Italo Cucci’s book about the Moratti family and their ties with Inter. Spalletti was speaking on a wide variety of topics, with particular focus on the transfer window.

Spalletti was asked about the parallels drawn with treble hero José Mourinho stating that: “Mourinho has writtem history at Inter, I hardly knew how to get to the Pinetina. You continue to approach us, which does not put me at ease. I am here because the book of the Moratti family, therefore I want to focus on that and the impact that the Moratti family has had on Inter’s history. Their passion for Inter goes beyond what is possible. In all of our meetings, Moratti proves how much he loves Inter. He wants us to make the most and he transmits to us how much he believes in us and he wants to  make us understand  we are not alone. Massimo knows all about the history of Inter, he has passed various situations in this club, from him we can only learn. I will read the book because I want to learn something.”

Spalletti continued about the current season stating that: “to achieve importants goals we must not pretend anything, we must cross every hard situation and live through the defeats. Now we have done that, we are in it and we have to react in order to grow and continue to get where we want to go. The team is not tired, this morning they had a great practice. It was an exceptional practice, in this situation there are two paths to go. The first is to throw in the towel, the second one is to roll up the sleeves and start again. The boys have rolled up their sleeves.”

The former Roma tactician was asked if Manchester United’s Daley Blind and Lazio duo Sergej Milinkovic-Savic and Luis Alberto  are players he would want Inter to sign replying that: “I talk about the players I have, becuase these are the players that will get the next points. Talking about the market, we need to plan well together with the club. Players like Milinkovic-Savic and Luis Alberto know how to write a story on their own, no need to add anything. They are high quality players who and they are interesting for big clubs. We are a big club but I repeat that I like my players more because it is with them I can impact where we finish in the league.

“Emerson Palmieri is not a player that is not fitting in well at his club. In order to sign him it would take a lot of money aven though he still needs to show his story. In this role I have Nagatomo, Santon and Dalbert who all still need to learn some things and then Cancelo who is exceptional. We are covered in that position but we remain attentive as ever.”

Spalletti was then asked about the role that Sabatini has at Inter as well as the need to sign players in January stating that: “We can improve but it is not easy. We have a number of players that allow us to achieve the goals we set out in the beginning. In order to reach there you have to go through difficult times which you have to react to. What we have said recently is that the owners must dictate our strategy on the transfer market. Then we will adapt and everything will be much clearer for our fans. We have an important movement which gives us great support.”

In conclusion Spalletti was asked about the situation regarding Joao Mario stating that: “you guys seem to have more of a dialogue with the players than I do. He has not told me that he wants to leave. The guy returned from tonsillitis and has trained really well, today he showed that he wants to fight for a starting place. You are all professionals in doubt and report what is true but he has not told me anything.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson