Inter Coach Spalletti: “We Must Be More Clinical”

December 23, 2017 18:30
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Inter coach Luciano Spalletti spoke to Premium Sport to comment on the heavy defeat against Sassuolo in the Serie A at the Mapei Stadium.

Two defeats in a row, and Icardi missed a penalty. Are you convinced by this team?

“Even more convinced, I saw some good performances, then there were moments where we were not consistent and not smart when we could take advantage. We conceded a goal from a counter attack, which should not have happened, against a team physically tough and with a field like this you have to be good not to allow to close themselves, and we did not take advantage of the chances we created”.

When Icardi is not on form the team struggles?

“Yes, but we had many occasions when the ball went close to the post, but overall we did well, then looking into the details it is obvious that we have to be more clinical”.

What can a coach say to his team after these two games?

“The point is that everything can not be said in front of the cameras. I will say what I have to say to the team. Then on the individual level certain things must be clarified, with a different reasoning from the analysis of the game, but I do not think there are too many negatives from this match. The team played well, they were aggressive, had the continuity of staying in their area. More quality passes were needed, but we did played the way we had to play, we needed more attention in the 2-3 occasions that allowed them to score, then congratulations to Politano for the 80 meter run for the goal”.

On the surprise inclusion of Cancelo and the movement of D’Ambrosio:

“For me he has brought advantages: D’Ambrosio has always contributed, Cancelo’s kept pushing with quality and continuity, you talked about the lack of balance, but the fact is that he always brought the ball into the area”.

The team was able to react as a team until two weeks ago when it was in difficulty, now it does not happen…

“The reaction for me was there, we put a lot of balls in the penalty area”.

The interview closed with the intervention of Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero, : “You are a great man Luciano, the number one in giving explanations, for me you do not have to give so many.”

Rahul Sharma
By Rahul Sharma
  • j9guy

    Regardless of our result today which was horrid….Juve looked very impressive against Roma. The title is theirs to lose in my opinion. Let’s concentrate on top 4!

  • Naves

    Imagine if Icardi leaves for Rm or gets injured…
    Replace Icardi with Eder and you will cry your eyes out for even offside goals.

  • Mahmoud Jaradat

    Praise yourself ; inter is back again finally
    let’s start counting another five consecutive matches without a win as always . we will finish the season in the 5th place at the end . Europa league is not bad btw

    • Adebayo Lateef Adedayo

      I don’t believe in your analysis…. you can’t tell me, Roma or Lazio are well better equiped than us. Fine they have consistency in terms of players and playing attitude, but we have a weapon in which they don’t have….. Fans and Spalletti…. quote me, we will finish either 2nd or 3rd… nothing more

      • Mahmoud Jaradat

        But we have the lords santon and nagatomo and brozovic and the classical master of crossing candreva .
        Dont underestimate di franseco and inzagi though .
        I’ll be very glad if we qualified to cl but hopes are different of reality

      • Anang Shikamaru

        Yeah i believe it if we get pastore and deulefeou

    • Anang Shikamaru

      Yeah i think you’re right..suning doesn’t have one will come..everyone in A already know how we play the series of losing is near as always been happened