SempreInter.Com Player Ratings – Sassuolo 1 – 0 Inter: The Nightmare Before Christmas

SempreInter.Com Player Ratings – Sassuolo 1 – 0 Inter: The Nightmare Before Christmas
December 23, 2017 21:30
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After all those statements made during the week, Inter looked like being able to live up to them until the time Politano began the run. It was a goal against the run of play and certainly undeserved but Inter were unable to recover and fightback. Icardi had his worst game in a long time but was he the only one to blame?

Samir Handanovic – 5: Yes too many mistakes leading upto the goal. But didn’t attack that ball or anything till the 2nd half. Not the usual pro-active Samir we’ve seen.

Joao Cancelo – 5: Too many good things going forward and in build up play but ZERO accurate crosses and didn’t do much on the goal. He should have seen Falcinelli.

Milan Skriniar – 6.5: Only player to come back to Milano with some pride intact. Played much better than last week. Shame about the rest of his team-mates.

Joao Miranda – 5.5: Tried his best but wasn’t helped out by the guy to his left, just like last week. Too weak in certain situations but not Inter’s worst player tonight.

Danilo D’Ambrosio – 4.5: Absolutely not his fault that he was on the left, but his poor judgement cost Inter a lot. Didn’t create a single attacking chance or look threatening.

Borja Valero – 5: Just looked breathless and very slow today. Passing game wasn’t working, missed his buddy Vecino. Still we expect more from Borja.

Roberto Gagliardini – 5.5: Lost his head after the goal but battled throughout in midfield trying to win the ball. Even played central defender towards the end but wasn’t his day at all.

Antonio Candreva – 5: Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. Didn’t change his gameplan even for 10 seconds. Derby needed.

Marcelo Brozovic – 4.5: Created 2 good chances for Icardi but apart from that he was poor. So poor that Spalletti didn’t even give him 5-10 mins in the 2nd half. Not epic.

Ivan Perisic – 5: When Inter signed Ivan he was out on the left dribbling in and ruining defences now he’s doing exactly opposite of that. Inter need the old Ivan back.

Mauro Icardi – 5: He is the most efficient player at Inter. Today he failed miserably in the stadium that has not been a happy place for him. Gave 100% though.

Eder – 5.5: Spalletti relies on him to bring impact but even he inspite of all his efforts on each wing he couldn’t fathom how to score against Consigli today.

Dalbert – 5: Poor decision making, still too scared to make a risky pass or cross and that means he dribbles himself into trouble. Lack of confidence showing.

Joao Mario – N/A: Not much time to do anything note-worthy. Definetely deserves a go ahead of Brozovic and hopefully his tonsil issues are sorted now.

Luciano Spalletti – 4.5: Everything went wrong today with his gamble of switching #NotMaicon. But the bigger headache is to somehow create a plan B in attack.

Daniele Doveri – 7: Fantastic refereeing. If pressed to find a fault , I’d say he gave Sassuolo a couple of soft free kicks but nothing you can complain about.

Inter – 5: They have been together for 6 months but havent figured out an alternative way to attack teams. We cant be so predictable and poor at Plan A.

Did Milan Skriniar deserve man of the match? Was Cancelo better at right back than D’Ambrosio? Should Vecino start every game from now on?

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj