Sabatini-Spalletti Summit Lasted Just 10 Minutes

Sabatini-Spalletti Summit Lasted Just 10 Minutes
December 29, 2017 12:00
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According to Corriere della Sera, yesterday’s meeting between Walter Sabatini and Luciano Spalletti lasted a mere ten minutes. The pair convened in order to discuss Inter’s plans for the upcoming January transfer window.

Sabatini explained to Spalletti that it would be difficult to invest a lot of money next month due to the ongoing government restrictions in China, which will prevent Suning from spending vast sums.

However, the club will be ready to act should either Marcelo Brozović or João Mário leave. Indeed, after his inept performance against AC Milan in the Coppa Italia, the Portuguese midfielder’s time in Milan looks to be coming to an end.

Meanwhile, the Croat currently has more offers but that is not to say he will definitely be the one who departs. Sabatini’s priority is Paris Saint-Germain’s Javier Pastore, but he and his colleagues are only too well aware of the fact his arrival would be a very expensive deal to conclude.

Source: Corriere della Sera

Jordan Russell
By Jordan Russell