Luca Marchegiani: “Inter Seem To Be Confused On The Pitch”

December 31, 2017 13:00
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In an interview during Sky Sport Italia’s TV-show, Sky Calcio Club, former Lazio goalkeeper Luca Marchegiani spoke about Inter’s performance against his former side in last night’s Serie A clash between the two contenders for one of the four Uefa Champions League spots.

Marchegiani, who spent 10 seasons at Lazio making 243 appearances across all competitions stated that: “Lazio was the better team, but probably a draw was the fair result. I think Lazio did even more than they prepared for and Inter looks a bit confused. It is strange to see players dominating one week and playing like this another week. Inter has one problem, they need to take possession of the ball high up on the pitch, because if they do that too low the team struggles in bringing the ball back into attack.”

Marchegiani then shared his thoughts on Inter’s Spanish playmaker Borja Valero saying that: “I do not like him as a second attacker, he is the kind of player that links the different parts together with his running. Inter has trouble in covering the area because the midfielders do not get there in time.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Muhammad Rifqi Ma’arif

    As alternatives, I think we could play with 3-4-3 formation.. Skriniar, Miranda, D’Ambrossio/Rannochia on the back line.. Valero/Brozo, Gaglia/Vecino on the center.. Candreva on the Right flank, Cancelo on the left (as inverted full back), while Perisic, Icardi, and Eder on the attacking edge.. thats the alternatives of lacking trequartista..

    • Muhammad Rifqi Ma’arif

      Eder have a good run, and remember when in Samp. he often score with his diagonal movement.. so rather on the center, Eder is more dangerous if he was placed wider..

  • El Cuchu 19

    I do like Valero, he’s a good player with good qualities and Inter have no one like him or close to him in the squad.But I’m starting to notice he’s not being positive with his play, he’s majorly passing the ball to the back or sideways..that is not good enough!!This team needs creativity from him, needs key passes which he isn’t delivering..this is a problem.
    With his “not-so-great” defensive contribution, comparing him to a player we had, Kovacic…Kovacic is worth many many Valero.
    Stupid to sell him altogether..let alone for 35 mills..and some actually say it was a good deal!!?

    • Wasim

      Agree that’s a fair assessment of Valero. Also we don’t have enough pace of play in the centre of the pitch and thats why the ball keeps going sideways, we need to be more quicker, we need to bring a couple of midfielders who can play a killer pass or two and get it to Icardi quicker rather than relying on cross after aimless cross. Always noticed with Spalletti he takes far too long in making changes (subs) he needs to give the team a shake up quicker rather than waiting for the 70-75th minute mark and please change the line-up Perisic and/or Candreva need a game on the bench so we can try something different.

      • El Cuchu 19

        On point my fellow pace!!
        Yesterday I was left fuming for the entire second half, was reaching boiling point for the last 20 mns of the match with one thought on my mind…there was no urgency in our performance!!!
        It seemed to me the team was actually fine with the draw!!My best memories of Inter are ALL about the crazy Inter,the one that goes into a frenzy untill they score,with the crowd of G.Meazza as frenzied as the team.. simply best moments ever!!Yesterday I thought Inter would do that, but is just frustrating!!

        Plus, we are one dimensional..get the ball to the wings, let’s hope they put up a decent cross (highly unlikely)..and hope for the best outcome!!shameful..

        • Wasim

          I agree. I think the reason for this “quiet” approach is we don’t have any commanding characters in this team yet. In the recent past we had Samuel, Lucio, Maicon, Cambiasso, J Cesar, all passionate figures and vocal. Its hard to identify these types of characters within the current setup as most of the team is newly formed or don’t have the “voice”. Anyways I think Spalletti has to get to grips and make some changes either personnel or tactics otherwise I can see us easily been overtaken for the 4th spot.

          • Aaron

            I think cancelo can be that player if he continues putting in good shifts..he’s the only player that I can see playing with his heart on his sleeves.

        • ran

          Was same state with you….its so f*cking frustating watching inter play like this. No determination at all, just played simple.

    • nozanneti

      who promised us to resolve the LONGLASTING problem of creativity in inter,
      which means: TO REALLY KNOW TO PLAY how to play football 😉
      by bringing valero to inter ???
      SPALLETI DID !! any resposibility ?

      • Wasim

        Spalletti has done a good job till now but if we don’t change our tactics and become less reliant/predictable with our sole way of scoring being the wing play this season could end up being difficult. We definitely need some help from Suning preferably Alex Teixeira as he has pace and can play all positions and another midfielder with killer pass playing potential for rotation. Time has come for Suning to show they want us to move up a level rather than being stuck in year 0 again.

        • nozanneti

          true. we desperately need some refreshment… some mindful player. we became a book that everyboy read !

    • Michael Njaga

      How about Inter sign Pastore to pair Valerie?