Luca Marchegiani: “Inter Seem To Be Confused On The Pitch”

Luca Marchegiani: “Inter Seem To Be Confused On The Pitch”
December 31, 2017 13:00
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In an interview during Sky Sport Italia’s TV-show, Sky Calcio Club, former Lazio goalkeeper Luca Marchegiani spoke about Inter’s performance against his former side in last night’s Serie A clash between the two contenders for one of the four Uefa Champions League spots.

Marchegiani, who spent 10 seasons at Lazio making 243 appearances across all competitions stated that: “Lazio was the better team, but probably a draw was the fair result. I think Lazio did even more than they prepared for and Inter looks a bit confused. It is strange to see players dominating one week and playing like this another week. Inter has one problem, they need to take possession of the ball high up on the pitch, because if they do that too low the team struggles in bringing the ball back into attack.”

Marchegiani then shared his thoughts on Inter’s Spanish playmaker Borja Valero saying that: “I do not like him as a second attacker, he is the kind of player that links the different parts together with his running. Inter has trouble in covering the area because the midfielders do not get there in time.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson