Terzo Tempo – No Creativity

Terzo Tempo – No Creativity
December 31, 2017 08:30
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Inter played Lazio at home today in what could have been the game to really pull them out of their near goalless streak over their last four games. Today wasn’t a horrible game but it was one that definitely lacked creativity going forward. In terms of the backline, it was fairly solid, not many big mistakes, a few tactical/ positioning mistakes but the Inter back line was able to keep the team in the game. Joao Cancelo had a phenomenal game filling in for D’Ambrosio who usually claims the right back spot.

All though the back line wasn’t the problem and played very well, Spalletti should have given Dalbert more time on the field. With a Dalbert presence, it allows for a lot more overlaps especially on the left side which is something that is very lacking. Inter relies very heavily on the right side to create balls into the box for Icardi, unfortunately Santon doesn’t have that delivery service that Dalbert may have and that can mostly be faulted by the fact that he’s a right footed left back. The problem with Santon is that he almost always looks to cut into his right foot whether it be to shoot or cross. Lazio was able to read that from the get go of the game which completely cut the options in half on the left leaving the crossing duties almost only to Perisic.

In regards to the front of the team, Perisic finally learnt to hold the outside of the field where he sees most of his success, for a few games he has been drifting very central because he seems to want to score but instead it really hinder the teams ability to create when he does so. Candreva on the opposite side seemed to lack precision in his crosses which once again, as mentioned many times before is a cut off to Icardi’s supply. Icardi played very well, he got in close to his midfield to cut the space between him and the midfield and allowed space to be created behind him for our wingers to expose.

Lastly, arguably one of the best players on the field was Borja Valero who seemed to be able to do everything but score, he defended he tried his best to create upfront but at 32 years of age you can’t expect him to single handedly try and lift his team above this slump by himself no matter how close he came to doing so. The attacking midfielder situation needs to be assessed in January and the way it is handled will decide whether this is a make it or break it season.

Andrew Di Franco
By Andrew Di Franco