Inter Coach Spalletti: “I Want To Keep All My Players”

January 3, 2018 08:30
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Luciano Spalletti was spotted by Sportitalia in a happy mood as he left the Inter offices earlier today. These were the words of the Nerazzurri coach to Sportitalia, who naturally asked him about the transfer rumours surrounding his team: “Who do I prefer between Ramires and Pastore? My only thought is to hide my players from other clubs, I came here to make sure no one finds them. I want to keep all the players I have”. A few seconds later, sporting director Walter Sabatini, who was also present at the meeting which outlined transfer market strategies for January, was asked questions. The former Roma director, however, did not want to make statements in front of the cameras and when cameras were turned off he stated that they only carried out an informal meeting today. When asked about the arrival of Bastoni from Atalanta in the coming days, the director did not comment, while in regards to reinforcements for Inter’s attack, the director claimed everything is in standby.

Rahul Sharma
By Rahul Sharma
  • R9

    The manager’s role in Inter or Italy in general seems to be quite different from other leagues. Wenger or Pep for example, have total input when it comes to who arrives and leaves the club and that is very important if you want to win something.

    According to Spalletti’s statement (I don’t understand Italian, I hope that the translation is correct) it seems that he doesn’t really have a say in those matters and I must admit that this bothers me a lot. If it’s true than this is not a correct way for a club to function in modern football

    • ezekiel

      wenger and pep are manager. they manage transfer window too. but in italy it’s sporting director job. spalletti, mancini, de boer, mazzari, etc are just coach.. mancini want more control like manager role but denied by management. i think in the future we should have a manager, not just a coach..

  • hj

    this coach is true gentleman that know how to protect and lead his team. and i believe this man is really appreciate ppl and give them respects. from all inter coaches that i’ve seen, Spalletti really is a special manager. i hope he will give Inter a lot of success.