Inter Legend Luis Suarez: “Suning Respect UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Too Much”

Inter Legend Luis Suarez: “Suning Respect UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Too Much”
January 3, 2018 20:00
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Legendary Nerazzurri player who was a part of the famous La Grande Inter of the mid-1960’s, Luis Suarez, spoke exclusively with FcInterNews. In a long interview the former Barcelona and Inter player talked about Suning, Inter’s current squad and the transfer window.

Your thoughts on Suning so far?

“I think Suning has been restricted by UEFA’s Financial Fair Play. So we need to wait and see what happens.”

Regarding the transfer market there is a rumor that Inter will start operating with a zero budget. When Suning bought Inter there were promises of heavy spending. What do you make of it?

“It’s a bit strange. There have been a lot of talk regarding Suning’s power but at this moment it seems they have been restricted by UEFA. But I’ve noticed many teams spending huge and not getting troubled by UEFA. Suning perhaps have too much respect for UEFA so they are abiding every rule. But this team can be a big deal with a bit of proper reinforcements.”

Which players can Inter buy for the upcoming window?

“I have been saying for a long time that Inter lacks a creative director in midfield. Players need to support Icardi more, from the wings and from the center. If Inter only depend on one player when it comes to creating chances then it is a weak point for the team.”

Do the names of Pastore, Deulofeu, Mkhitaryan and Ramires convince you?

“Pastore will be a great addition but he alone will not be sufficient. Though I believe he will add great quality in attack.”

Do you think Borja Valero playing in front of the defence is not enough?

“Borja Valero can’t dictate the game. He has never covered that role. He has always covered one wing and advanced areas of the field but can’t play in the role in front of the defence. Gagliardini, Vecino, Joao Mario and Brozovic all have certain abilities which are quite good for the team but none of them has the quality to control the flow of the game.”

What about Banega and Kondogbia whom Inter have sold?

“Well there are many players out there with those attributes. It also boils down to the manager how he wants his team to play.”

In short do you believe Inter need an architect in the midfield?

“Precisely. Anyone who has the ability to serve and the ability to control the flow will do good for Inter.”

Assume Inter are forced to sell one top player to balance the book. Whom will you sell in that case?

“Well the manager will play the biggest part here. He sees every player everyday and he exactly knows what to expect from them. When I see at Inter’s midfield I notice similar characteristics among many players. Inter can easily get rid of few of them and then use the money wisely. If a player is excellent then selling him can’t be a good deal. Unless you have lots of good player in that position and can use the money to add quality in other department. Sometimes it is better to have fewer players but the ones you have are world class players, players of absolutely highest level.”

Is Inter actually experiencing a crisis?

“Not a real crisis but we can label it as a ‘mini crisis’. We hope it will pass soon. I think it’s time to get back to victory as soon as possible because we are on the verge of moving out from an important position.”

Will Fiorentina be a crucial game for Inter?

“Yes. We have to get the three points because others are very strong and they are dangerous”.

On a closing note, what are your thoughts about the ceremony for the naming of the gardens of Axum after Helenio Herrera which sparkled controversy recently?

“In the world of football when something like this is done; controversy is always created. There are always people who are jealous of other’s success. Helenio Herrera has done enough for the city of Milano when it comes to sports but at the same time I believe Nereo Rocco also has done something for the city to have something named after him. In that case I think the demands of Milan fans should be satisfied.”

By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya