Inter To Use Joao Mario As A Bait To Convince Man Utd To Part Ways With Mkhitaryan

Inter To Use Joao Mario As A Bait To Convince Man Utd To Part Ways With Mkhitaryan
January 3, 2018 12:02
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Every time that Inter enter the transfer market they do that under some conditions that limit what kind of operations can be done. First there are the financial fair play restriction that Inter currently have to take into consideration and second there are restrictions from the Chinese government, however this does not stop the technical decisions being made on the transfer level.

Like Spalletti has said for quite some time now, and something that he repeated to Walter Sabatini during yesterday’s summit at Inter’s headquarters, is that Inter need reinforcement in the attacking area of the pitch and preferably a player like Manchester United’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who is the number one choice before Deulofeu and Javier Pastore.

According to Corriere dello Sport, Inter coach Luciano Spalletti was assured that everything will be done in order to satisfy him, but he also has to understand that there are certain limits that can not be circumvented. Therefore Inter will check the player’s availability with Manchester United but have to be careful of Borussia Dortmund. At this point though, the German club has not made any official move, instead Borussia Dortmund management has stated that a return for the Armenian player is not an option. Inter has an important piece, in Joao Mario, to use in a two-way loan deal with the promise to sit down in June and sort future ownership out.

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson