Here Is What Was Said During Inter’s Transfer Meeting

January 3, 2018 15:20
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Yesterday, Luciano Spalletti visited Inter headquarters for a summit regarding the clubs strategy in the January transfer window. It’s revealed that the Nerazzurri directors reiterated to Spalletti the difficulties they face from Financial Fair Play and that therefore immediate reinforcements may not come straight away.

For this reason – as ascertained by FcInterNews – the arrival of Alessandro Bastoni back from his loan at Atalanta 18 months early is certain to happen. Atalanta do not struggle for depth in the centre-back position so it has all been agreed on friendly terms, with only the signatures from Bergamo missing, since it was only agreed yesterday during the Italian Cup in Naples.

Other market objectives will be far more time consuming. The possibility for Pastore and Deulofeu to join Inter are still viable but there are many obstacles to overcome first. Spalletti was given reassurance that their objectives would be achieved, but with a budget of zero the situations are complicated. The option to sell players could be taken into consideration later but for now, neither Joao Mario, nor Brozovic have received any offers.

Ramires remains the easiest solution, but Suning must first convince Jiangsu to relieve their prize midfielder.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia
  • Vince Moore

    if Suning are not serious about rebuilding inter they know what to do, The so called FFP is nonsense. The use that as excuse to cover their fucking ass. They just don’t want to rescue Inter out of their predicament. Sunuing only want to reap where they did not sew , it’s just sell and buy, that’s what we’ve been hearing for months. They know the financial condition of Inter before dabbling into business with Inter Everything was spelt out. Most clubs are affected by the so called FFP, not only Inter. I donn’t know why that of Inter generates a lot of heat. The Suning group should go a head and help Inter, ASAP, otherwise they should pullout of the deal.

    • Winternazionale

      Because the Sunings already spent their first big money on Gabigol Barbosa and Joao Mario.

    • Facchetti

      Suning spent a lot of money on the purchasing of Inter and it’s debt (around €350m), they have purchased players Sab/Spal wanted. They also have the new foreign ownership laws in China that they can’t take money out of the country, for sports and various other things. It’s not only UEFA FFP that’s fucking Inter, it’s also the Chinese government, hence why Inter just took out a huge loan a couple of weeks ago.

      Unlike City/PSG which are state owned teams, Suning isn’t a facist company/government like the other 2 mentioned. What they should do is sit down with UEFA and try to remove the FFP restrictions we have as they are not only new owners of the team, but also much much more richer than any previous owner.

      FFP in general is bullshit. It’s to stop teams from going bankrupt yet there teams still going under because you know the same 3 teams in every league constantly win. If UEFA actually gave a fuck, they’d have introduced a wage/salary cap, spending cap for every team in every league creating parity, thus making the leagues much more exciting. MLS although terrible soccer is pretty entertaining due to the fact that every team has 1-3 good players and the rest are horrid because the teams can only spend so much on player transfers and a wage cap.

      At the rate European football is going, the top 3 richest teams in every league will just form a super league causing every other league to die.

  • fcinter1908

    Hehehe meanwhile PSG and City do violation FFP and still buy player. I really hope Our New Owner really has money haven’t they??damn i wish Inter buy by ARAB Money!!

    • Pazza Zanetti

      Doesn’t matter how rich Suning is.. they can only cover up a certain amount of losses( think it is € 30-€45 mill)..
      The ffp is about how much the team make in sponsors, shirt selling and so on.. And Inter isn’t making enough money. So don’t complain about Suning not pumping in a crap loads of money because they are following the rules.
      But the ffp should start looking on PSG and city.. the ffp has a lot of flaws…

  • Michael Rojas

    This FFP shit is ridiculous. There’s always something. First we were all set with FFP but then when the transfer window opens there’s some $$ that we still need to make or can’t spend. What’s the deal