Inter To Cash In On Coutinho’s Transfer To Barcelona

January 4, 2018 01:30
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Amongst the furore of the January transfer window one deal in particular has everybody talking: Will Coutinho join Barcelona? Amongst the interested parties in this story are also Inter. The reason behind this interest is a fee that Inter will be due dating back to Coutinho’s sale from Inter to Liverpool back in 2013.

Calcio & Finanza states that Inter signed Coutinho in July 2010 and was contracted to the club at the time of his 19th birthday, his 20th birthday (even though he was on loan at Espanyol) and his 21st birthday. According to FIFA regulations Inter will be due a 1.25% share of whatever Barcelona pay to Liverpool for the Brazilian midfielder. Vasco da Gama will be due a 2.5% percent share with Liverpool themselves receiving 1.25% also. Should the deal happen with the reported fee thought to be something in the region of €150 million Inter could be in line for a payment of around €1.88 million.

Claudio Cauteruccio
By Claudio Cauteruccio
  • I Miss Marco Branca too

    Let’s get something straight….Branca was forced to sell Coutinho because Moratti gave the order ! don’t blame Branca for that deal….that deal is 100% the fault of that Idiot Moratti ! Only Branca can pull off buying that kind of talent for only 3.8 mill……and he did it again with Icardi !

    • Binto Baggio

      bla bla bla bla bla….

  • nozanneti

    there is something very bitter in my mouth …

  • Eshay Hazan

    great! that will finance a portion of nagatomo salary

    • nozanneti

      LOL, and rano’s as well !

  • Patrick F

    That £8m Liverpool paid for Coutinho was the bargain of the century. He was top class from day one at Liverpool.

    • nozanneti

      ausilio’s genuity ?

  • Liverpool 39 Juventus 00

    It was corrupt Platini’s Farcical Fair Play that made Inter sell Coutinho and Kovacic – do you guys not remember this fact?

    • Chino_Recoba

      I do, sacrifice first before buy a new player.

    • nozanneti

      and so did all big clubs… sold their young and perspective players ?!?
      manu, chelsea, real, barca, bayern… ??

    • I Miss Marco Branca too

      ya blame FFP for inter being in debt to the ears….

  • lexy

    who the f*** tell inter to sell this guy

    • 1nteristi

      That branca idiot

      • Andrej Vajs

        Not only the Branca, in Inter managment it seams that eveyone is a idiot in some way.
        I am an Inter fan since my childhood, but some times I hate Inter so badly because of some moves they made in the past.They sold Couthino who is the super star now and he has the potencial to become a super star also at Inter, but some idiont was thinking in different way.Inter did the same thing with Kovavcic sold him to Real Madrid.I remmeber the season that Inter had under Mazzari when we played so badly, the only good thing was that Mauro has shooted about 20+ goals that season, and the most of thaht goals he shooted thanks to Kovacic who has made some extraordinary passes and helped Mauro to hit the goals.
        Inter is a shit club regarding the development of the young talents, and in my opinion Inter will have some very difficult time in the future to come among the best teams in Europe, because they dont want to spend some huge money on world class palyers, what is the apbsolute requiremnts in the modern football today, and on the other hand everyone knows the politic of Inter club regardind th young very talented palyers.My prediction for this season is Inter going to finish 5th. or 6th. unless they react this January and invest in good creative midfilder and maybe one more player.

        • Playmaker

          it’s like our tradition. so many name we can mention here Pirlo, R Carlos, Seedorf, bonucci. I’m affraid Inter going to sell karamoh.

          • Chino_Recoba

            Bonucci was sold for Triplete 🙂
            We got Milito & Thiago Motta.
            R. Carlos, Pirlo, & Seedorf were purely due to incapability of the coach to explore player’s potential.

          • Playmaker

            That’s what we called ‘Tradition’ at least Inter should sell them at fair price. like balotelli price tag.

          • h4llon

            Fabio Cannavaro? And also, Hussein Kharja.

        • I Miss Marco Branca too

          yes you said it all and i quote “Inter is a shit club…..”

  • fcinter1908

    Inter was either blind or fool to let him go it is pure scandal. Among “promosing star” we discarded he is the only one who shone in earlier stage still we discarded him.

  • disgustedred

    utter bollox

  • Pazza Zanetti

    That’s solve everything this or next window…