Player Ratings – Fiorentina 1 – 1 Inter: Another Day Another Draw

January 6, 2018 11:30
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Inter managed to get a point away against Fiorentina after Giovanni Simeone scored the equalizer in the dying seconds of the match to prevent the Nerazzurri from going home with all three points. The Nerazzurri followed up a poor first half with a decent second half performance where they took the lead via Mauro Icardi’s 10th goal in 12 matches against Fiorentina.  

Samir Handanovic – 6,5: Made a one or two typical Batmanovic saves throughout the match. Helpless on the goal where Simeone was allowed time and space.

Joao Cancelo – 7: Continues to give good performances on the right side of defence. Great crosses & corners throughout the match, which led to the goal.

Milan Skriniar – 7: Stopped Fiorentina from going 1 on 1 against Handanovic at least 5 or 6 times thanks to last minute tackles. World class again and Inter’s best player on the night.

Andrea Ranocchia – 7: Played his heart out for Inter despite being injured. Gave everything he had and then some until he physically couldn’t play anymore.

Davide Santon – 7: Started on the left but before the match was over he’d played on the right flank as well as in the middle of defence. Solid and loyal.

Roberto Gagliardini – 6: Poor first half followed up with a decent second half where he proved what a safe passer of the ball he is with 88% completion rate.

Matias Vecino – 6: Works his socks off in every game & today was no exception. Still waiting on his first goal for Inter after having a decent shot on target.

Joao Mario – 4,5: Unwatchable at the moment. Looks like he’s playing in slow-motion. Can’t get a single thing right on the pitch & embarrassing attitude.

Borja Valero – 5,5: Did not have the best of nights on his return to his old stomping ground. At his best when he plays deeper rather then behind Icardi.

Ivan Perisic – 6: A better performance today by the Croatian winger who looks to be working his way back to form. Looks like he wants to play again.

Mauro Icardi – 6,5: Scored a typical poachers goal getting on the end of Cancelo’s cross. Works very hard for the team & creates chances for his teammates.

Henrique Dalbert – 6: Good impact when coming on, especially defensively. Due to how the match looked he couldn’t press forward but his form is rising.

Yuto Nagatomo – 5,5: Didn’t look like his usual energetic self due to fever he’s been suffering from and wouldn’t have been brought on if it wasn’t for Ranocchia’s injury.

Antonio Candreva – N/A: Came on in the 82nd minute and had a chance to score but looked like the rest had done him good.

Luciano Spalletti – 6.5: Given the players he has at his disposal there is nothing he could have done differently. Great team talk ahead of 2nd half that had desired effect.

Paolo Valeri – 6,5: Got most if not every important decision right. Very consistent regarding the level of physicality on the pitch.

Inter – 6: A step forward offensively speaking in the second half. Defensively team is very solid just need to improve in front of goal.

Do you think Icardi deserved a higher rating? Was this the last we saw of Joao Mario in an Inter shirt? Who do you think was Inter’s best player on the night? 

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Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Ilir

    Mario started to make Ausilio believe what he got for 40 mil and Spalletti is like open your eyes Ausilio this is the last time i’m playing this guy so it’s up to you keep him or get rid of him or take him home just i don’t wanna see him around Inter anymore !! Inter was in crisis and on the other hand spends 40 mil for Joao Mario instead he could get to players with that money fuckin weird

  • JoeyJojo

    Need to stop signing such mentally fragile players (Mario, kdog…etc.) They’re softer than baby shit and bring the team down when on the pitch.

    • nozanneti

      were they mentally fragile players before they came to inter ??
      that is the question.

      • Playmaker

        Mario play very well with portugal. He is one of the best player at National team. He just lost his form due to lack of minutes play.

        • nozanneti

          that’s exactly my point.
          many of those comining to inter simply are being destroyed and released. some of them succeed to regain their strenght in clubs they move from inter (cou, kondog..) and prove that system in inter was wrong and not them. I don’t claim that all players who come here are super, but I am sure that many of them shouldn’t be on inter’s wish list at all !

          • Playmaker

            Some of them just not fit into serie a, some of them lost their form because lack of minutes play.
            But from our historical, inter doesnt fit for flamboyant midfielder or full technical gifted mf. Inter suited for physically mf.

          • nozanneti

            But from our historical, inter doesnt fit for flamboyant midfielder or full technical gifted mf. Inter suited for physically mf.
            ——————— isn’t it the root cause of inter problems for many years ? why to play football “without playing it”, relaying on “running it” instead ?!

            I don’t think we should be “dying in useless football beauty”, but there must be more sense, a grain of salt in our way of performing the game … please, I need 100 kilos of salt for inter way of playing ;-))

  • Eshay Hazan

    mario is playing really bad, but this season he is always out of position. hes a CMF, not AMF and definitely not RWF. the problem is that spalletti prefer 3 players before him in those 2 CMF spots. we need Mkhitariyan and Deulofeu ASAP,

  • Boudou

    I use to defend Mario but he’s dead to me after last night. Sell asap and bring in a real playmaker

  • Interfan99

    Looks like Joao mario already lost his motivation to play, might be because he misses 1000 chance to make a goal before
    someone need to slap him hard

  • Michael Njaga

    Ranocchia & Santon are playing like true Interisti. As for playmaker role, Suning should bring in Javier Pastore for more creativity and firepower

  • ezekiel

    finally a rating that i can agree with.. it’s been long time..LOL
    i think 6,5 or 7 would be fair for icardi, i didn’t really like his first half performance, but his 2nd half performance was everything we wanted from him.
    for jao mario, i think he’s the worst player in this game, looks so confused.. i didn’t see he even tried to do anything really..

  • Naves

    Vecino already scored his first goal against fio in home leg.

    -Rano did better than skrinar who misplaced some passes and lost dribble once or twice.
    -Santon was awful as Cb.
    -Icardi deserve a full 9.5 rating. Did everything right except losing balance and scoring one of the chance.
    -Cancelo was the only attacking player of Inter before he got sub and played amazing.
    -Beside missing his open goal Borja was okay and the only player who knows how to pass.
    – Midfield was dead and lost possession several times on top of that every pass goes backwards or side ways. 4 rating.
    -Perisic need to play more outwards that is where he can use his pace. In the center, he is just another eder.

    • Deisti

      Yeah it’s true Vecino already scored for Inter but he scored against Roma. 😉 Forza Inter.

      • Naves

        Ops yeah. We scored 3 past both and vecino scored the last one. Was kinda confused in which one it was so thanks for correction.

    • Eshay Hazan

      perisic lost his pace. didnt made a single good dribble since chievo. he needs a liitle bit of bench time to wake up and understand he isnt sacred.

      • Naves

        Maybe you are right

    • igo

      yeah, imo I felt like as a captain icardi only brings all this things on his shoulders while his teammates only thinking about vacation. the only outcome i’m afraid, is he can bring his teammates up together, or otherwise the sh*t-mentality brings players like him down. santon played 3 position with teammates who played like a 10-men down, and imo, it’s a bit fair to rate him 7

      • Naves

        I am criticizing his work when he became Cb, yes he never played in that position but sure the guy should know what marking means in football.
        Take Icardi to Liverpool/Psg and he will score 50 goals a season. Yes he miss sometimes but he have improved a lot and still young.

    • Playmaker

      Cancelo must play every match now, despite of his lacking at defence, he have the best offensive mentality and skill. He is the next maicon, the not maicon can play if he injured.
      Now inter need another cb, or maybe zinho can cover it, idk.
      Before this match perisic looked like last season after Atalanta match. Horor.

      • Naves

        I do not understand Perisic. Some days he is the best winger on the planet and another…utter shit. I dont know if it is his mentality or if he is playing more defensive or his full back partner not giving him support.
        Agree about Cancelo. He can makes tho darting runs that inter lacked since Kovacic days. Yes perisic and Candy can do but nothing like Cancelo.

  • hj

    Oh Mario..