Coutinho Transfer Could Aid Inter’s Deulofeu Pursuit

January 8, 2018 02:30
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According to Tuttosport, Inter will look to use Philippe Coutinho’s transfer to Barcelona to their advantage as they look to sign Blaugrana winger Gerard Deulofeu during this month’s transfer window.

The Nerazzurri will receive €2.4 million as part of the Brazilian’s switch to Camp Nou, though they could ask for that amount to be discounted from Barça’s asking price of €15-20 million for the Spanish international.

Piero Ausilio has identified the 23-year-old as the ideal reinforcement, given he will be cheaper than the likes of Simone Verdi, Javier Pastore and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. That said, given the club’s financial constraints, any new signing will only be brought in on an initial loan deal.

However, with Napoli also interested in securing the services of the former Everton loanee, the Catalans could wait until the end of January before accepting any bids as they look to make as much money as possible from Deulofeu’s departure.

Jordan Russell
By Jordan Russell
  • Stefano

    ..160 millions for Coutinho is not just “too much” to me seems like pure insanity .
    Anyways ,that’s Barca problem now , as long as we easily get Deulofeu out of this.

    • ezekiel

      the market is crazy nowaday.. coutinho is great, but i don’t know if he worth that much.. however, since we would cash in money from it, i don’t mind at all.. LOL

    • Sean Patrick

      He’s worth that much given the state of the market.

      • diego milleto 1

        I just read inter Milan and vasco da Gama will not receive any money from Coutinho transfer due to the fact there was no sell on fee in Coutinho contract when inter sold him to Liverpool as with vasco when he was sold to inter so inter will miss out on any money

        • Sean Patrick

          We are getting around 2.4 m Euros.

      • Stefano

        The state of the general market is that Deulofeu, an excellent player, is 20 millions and Torreira, a super strong midfielder is 25 millions .
        Not to talk about the strong free agents like De Vrie, Alexis Sanches, Emre Can etc. And the majority of medium level operations occurring are actually straight loans!
        Would you prefer Coutinho or ” 8 Deulofeu”?
        I would definitely go for the 8 Deulofeu.
        Would you take one Coutinho or 6 Torreira?
        Give me 6 Torreira right now please.
        If anything to diversify my investment, which is always a smart idea.
        In short, no way around it , in THIS particular market 160 m . $ for Cou it’s not just too much, it is psychotically too much.

        • Sean Patrick

          I’m just seeing this. But, you have to measure how much he is worth to Liverpool, his age and his star power. If Dembele went for the amount he did, then he is definitely worth that. If John Stones, Bernard Mendy, Van Dijk, Lukaku, etc. went for the amount they did, then Coutinho is worth that. It’s the difference between having a good player and a great player.

    • grilliant

      with this season form and nowadays price tag, Salah would cost them way more than Coutinho

  • John

    “The Nerazzurri will receive €2.4 million as part of the Brazilian’s switch to Camp Nou, though they could ask for that amount to be discounted from Barça’s asking price of €15-20 million for the Spanish international.” This makes little sense. Liverpool have to pay us, not Barca directly to us. We have no choice but to take that €2.4 million money, regardless of Deloufeu situation.

    • Stefano

      It does not take Leonardo Da Vinci .
      Barca pays 2.4 less to Liverpool and we get our 2.4 discount on Deulofeu..if is there any slight advantage on doing it from an accounting viewpoint , taxing or whatever then they easily work out things like that every day..

      ” Slightly creative finances “.

      • John

        Sure, do whatever makes sense if we’re actually buying Deloufeu. Personally I don’t buy Deloufeu much, though.