Inter & AC Milan’s Battle Over The San Siro Continues

Inter & AC Milan’s Battle Over The San Siro Continues
January 11, 2018 19:00
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The battle over the rights of San Siro continues, reports Gazzetta Dello Sport. The current agreement over the stadium is set to expire June 30th of this year. Milan’s plans have been stalling while Inter are trying to work their way in to ownership so that they can renovate the stadium as soon as possible. An agreement must be made in order for that to happen though.

“Both parties in the past have made their positions clear, Milan would like to have a stadium for themselves, possibly San Siro, otherwise a new stadium they will own. But Inter wants to stay in San Siro, possibly alone. The city of Milan has worked on a sharing of the Meazza, with separate entrances, and is in a hurry to find a solution to modernize the stadium.”

Gazzetta also predicts that Inter and Milan will continue to share San Siro until 2030 for 4.5 million euros each season.


Mario Gagliano
By Mario Gagliano