UEFA’s Restrictions On Inter Reason Why Suning Cannot Invest More

January 11, 2018 18:30
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Italin newspaper Corriere Della Sera reports that there is more to the Chinese government restrictions than originally thought. The Chinese Football Federation has had some crazy investments. The government has held a firm stance on the matter with their statement “You cannot spend more.” Many Chinese investors have used soccer teams as a way to move their money but the government is making an attempt to make this stop. This issue’s not only in Serie A, but with Chinese ownership worldwide.

Corriere Della Sera continued on Inter and Milan’s case on Chinese ownership:  “Suning is a giant at home and certainly can not be accused of money laundering, they’re unable to spend, but the restrictions on Financial Fair Play are real. The ban on exporting capital has been weighed down. The Nerazzurri club are a very good operation from a financial point of view considering the low tear-off rate (4.8%), but to be framed in a broader perspective, Milan is certainly not better off paying higher rates that are to be collected outside of China.”

By Mario Gagliano
  • Martin

    Idea for you guys talking ffp:
    What if regulations were revised and caps were put on how much a player can earn after taxes and how much how much money one player can cost. That way it’s less about the money but more about the football and long term plans of clubs.
    A side effect to this could be lower ticket prices and lower rates for viewing football on TV..
    Probably an unrealistic utopia, but what do you think?

  • Mohamed Kindi

    Bold statement, we need money, why don’t Suning buy Nagatomo for huge a amount of money and send him to China, I can’t believe that we don’t have anybody that smart working for Inter.

  • Reza Pahlevi

    Maybe only inter respect FFP… without champion league inter must sell icardi and maybe perisic… sorry for handanovic never play in champion league…

  • El Cuchu 19

    This FFP is utter bullshit..worst thing that ever happened to european football!!
    It’s not doing any good, I just can’t see how useful it has been to european football!!It ruined football..
    The poor is getting poorer, the rich richer, the weak weaker and the strong stronger!!Bullshit!!
    Giants of the european football, prestigious, glorious history and traditions are getting hammered by that effing FFP!!
    European football was a joy to watch prior to that bullshit, it was exciting,leagues were more balanced,the champions league was the greatest football tournament ever, no would know who would win it, and that’s how Porto won it in 2003, Valencia reached double finals out of the blue in 2000 and 2001,you couldn’t tell who would reach the quarter finals for crying out loud!!
    Now?..it’s all done and dusted before it’s even started..Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Man City..it’s too effing obviou$$$$!!
    After FFP, Titles are bought, period.

    • nozanneti

      I’ve just read on goaldotcom that manu has spent 730 mill euros on transfers since year 2014.
      730:3,5 = 208,6mill

    • Musavie Abdillah

      Only after financial FAIR PLAY, we can see the price of a player up to 200million, I thought Im no longer alive to see figure that high on a player.. I lived to see real Ronaldo broke record transfer fee for 25 million. Not anymore.

      • BoBo32

        Football is also making more money than ever before. Sport are the only must watch TV driving those contracts higher and higher. The market is global for the top teams driving this number ever higher.

        FFP is put in to help curb the spending of lower teams so Portsmouth and Parma’s dont happen. Inter is stuck in this due to the recession. Moratti ran out of money, and the team has been terrible. I do believe Thorir negotiated us into a corner so he wouldnt have to invest in the team and turn a quick profit after balancing the books.

  • broguekicks

    Fair play, meanwhile PSG spend like 800 million, and Barca and Real spend like its water, fair play my ass

    • John

      They have 200M/yr sponsorship deals with Qatar Tourism Authority and Ethihad airlines or whatever. I don’t quite understand why Inter don’t do the same with Suning or whatever else they can come up with.

      • Muttaqien

        Either Suning doesn’t have much money or they doesn’t want to spend their money

        • John

          Or they aren’t brave enough to explore loopholes. After all, only PSG and Man City are blatantly violating the rules; other clubs not so much.

        • lexy

          because unlike psg owner ,suning want to respect ffp

      • il Biscione

        Maybe it´s because they are a company and not a state. For state owned clubs like PSG and City that kind of thing is easier. I mean nobody else than those two clubs are doing it in such a large scale. As I have understood this kind of sponsoring is basically not permitted, but I guess it´s harder to control when you are dealing with a state. But this is just my guess.

        • John

          It’s a fair guess. The blame has to go to UEFA for being so incompetent in establishing “fair market value” for sponsorship deals. I mean c’mon, it doesn’t cost 40M/year for Ethihad to supply Man City kits every game.

          • il Biscione

            You are right. They way things are with these two Arab owned clubs UEFA should drop “Fair” from FFP and call it just Financial Play. I’m not expert in law, so it’s hard to say what UEFA can do about those two clubs. Probably when they originally designed FFP they didn’t expect this kind of scenario and were caught off guard.

            If they have legislative means to intervene then it’s a different question if they have the balls to do so. There is big money at stake and these two clubs might be considered “too big to fail”. The genie is out of the bottle with these two. If you change the rules you would probably at least have to give these clubs something like 5 years to adjust their wage bills. If you change the rules PSG and City could sue UEFA in European courts and maybe win. Some lawyers say any penalized club could sue them and win, but probably nobody has done it because it would be long, unsure and costly project.

            This Neymar debacle is very interesting and could become some sort of a benchmark in FFP’s history. Next summer or whenever UEFA makes the decision about it will show if they have any balls with these kind of dealings. Anything less than kicking PSG out of European competitions for a season or two will put this FFP to shame in my mind. I kind of doubt they have the balls to make that kind of decision. It would be at least a start, although it wouldn’t equal the whole playing field. I doubt they will do much in near future to this FFP inequality.

            Besides money there might be political interest at stake also. I watched a Danish document about the race to host the 2022 World Cup. It suggested Qatar got Platini’s and his followers votes by buying French civil and war airplanes for billions and billions of dollars. And part of that deal was that they also took over the ownership of PSG. Sarkozy just told Platini you got to vote for Qatar for the sake of France. It makes sense even though this hasn’t been proven. But all this happened after Qatar got the World Cup. I’m not at all a big believer in any conspiracy theories, but this one does make sense and the document is quite credible. But anyways the point was that there can be political as well as financial interests at stake and it’s hard to say what interests those guys at UEFA have. Platini is of course out of the picture, but based on history those FIFA/UEFA guys are quite prone to corruption. This is just say that it’s impossible to say what’s going on in those UEFA guys chambers. And all I have written is just amateur speculation, not pure facts.

          • John

            I don’t see Man City or PSG getting kicked out of European competitions. As much as we know their “sponsorship” deals are shady, UEFA hasn’t said anything which is as good as approving those deals as valid.

            As for Neymar’s deal, I’m not so sure if UEFA can do anything, either. Presumably Neymar unlocked himself (by becoming a free agent) then joined PSG on a free-transfer. This one isn’t actually UEFA’s fault, but rather La Liga’s stupid regulations. La Liga actually has to fix this loophole they have on their end.

          • il Biscione

            You’re probably right that UEFA can’t do anything about Neymar’s deal. Probably nothing radical will happen to FFP unless some penalized team sues and wins UEFA in a European court. And in that case FFP probably might be done for for altogether. But hard to see that UEFA will get PSG and City playing by the same rules as everyone else in the near future.

    • BoBo32

      The state owned teams have been discussed below, but Real and Barca have a brand an revenue much higher than Inters. Not only that but they sell shares of the club to supporters to raise money as well.

      Suning has spent, unfortunately 70m was on JM and Gabigol.

  • igo

    most of the news seem like making us as a ‘toy’ to be played by FFP while on the other hand PSG and others ‘mocking’ FFP as their ‘toy’ with their money, LOL

    • zero

      That’s what happens when the team is under performing for years.Lack of revenue stream, heck, we dind’t even have our own stadium.

    • Il Principe di Persia

      Sometimes I think FFP is just becoming an excuse for our owners… They r using Inter for advertising their brand globally and then leave us alone.

      • syahrul sembarang

        Maybe were rich, but just not that rich