UEFA’s Restrictions On Inter Reason Why Suning Cannot Invest More

January 11, 2018 18:30
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Italin newspaper Corriere Della Sera reports that there is more to the Chinese government restrictions than originally thought. The Chinese Football Federation has had some crazy investments. The government has held a firm stance on the matter with their statement “You cannot spend more.” Many Chinese investors have used soccer teams as a way to move their money but the government is making an attempt to make this stop. This issue’s not only in Serie A, but with Chinese ownership worldwide.

Corriere Della Sera continued on Inter and Milan’s case on Chinese ownership:  “Suning is a giant at home and certainly can not be accused of money laundering, they’re unable to spend, but the restrictions on Financial Fair Play are real. The ban on exporting capital has been weighed down. The Nerazzurri club are a very good operation from a financial point of view considering the low tear-off rate (4.8%), but to be framed in a broader perspective, Milan is certainly not better off paying higher rates that are to be collected outside of China.”

By Mario Gagliano