Lisandro Lopez’s Move To Inter Is All Done

January 12, 2018 23:00
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Benfica’s Lisandro Lopez’s loan switch to Inter is all done and he will be officially presented as an Inter player on Monday.

Gazzetta dello Sport report that the Nerazzurri have found a deal with the Portuguese giants that will see the 28-year-old join on a six month loan deal that includes an option for Inter to turn the move permanent for a fee of €9 million at the end of the loan. Moreover, there is a loan fee of €500,000 being paid to Benfica.

The Argentine, who holds a Spanish passport which therefore means he does not count against Inter’s non-EU quota, has been with Benfica since 2013 and typically been a backup option making just 54 appearances since his arrival with eight of those appearances having come this season.

Lopez will land in Milan on Sunday and visit the club’s Appiano Gentile training ground and be available to manager Luciano Spalletti from Monday onwards.

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • nozanneti

    šimunović from celtic might end up in serie a, some clubs were asking for him.
    he is strong and tall, younger than lisandro, eu passport, centerback,… from croatia ;-)))
    youtube him, google him,…
    if he comes to italy, after a season he will be moving to a better club, mark my words.

  • fcinter1908

    With the remaining fixture i hope problems in backline already solve (in fact Ranochia already played a lot better than before, let us take the best prediction with Lopez). The problems is next, the playmaker
    (I think Rafinha can’t be worse than M’Villa) and player who can open up space for Icardi. The possibilities using exchange formula actually excite me, hope we got J. Correa to make Perisic heat up(just offer J. Mario/Brozo/Eder).

    • ADRIANO158

      M’Vila aahahahahaahahaaa man… that man…

      • Adi Zuta

        Ufc player who trying his luck in football lol

        • Cobreti

          You got me!!!

  • Playmaker


  • syahrul sembarang

    I thought this lisandro lopes is striker. Lol

  • Adi Zuta

    I hope he shines with us. So we can stop annoying de vrig saga

    • Muttaqien

      Shine? He is 28 yo and 54 app in 5 years. You should know his quality from that information. This transfer will not add anything to our quality.

      We should do anything to get de Vrij. Thank god you’re not our DoS. Feeling great after get this backup and stop pursue a real defender. Smh.

      • KernThoTH TOFTS IUL ABS

        You mistake hope from some good intent, with a prediction. Instead stop putting words in others mouths from what is left unsaid. The player adds to the quality in depth, you are narrowing semantic meaning within words, to make your seemingly arrogant outburst actually sound valid to you perception. No need to get rude…

        • Muttaqien

          What? I am sorry I can’t understand you.

      • Adi Zuta

        Im just boring with de vrij article that circulate everyday in this web. Also we cant spend anything in front of greedy lotito

        • Muttaqien

          I’m bored as well. But I’m afraid we made same mistake like we did last summer.

          It was so clear that last summer we need Nainggoan or Vidal, a midfielder who not only can fight but also can score from distance and has creativity. But we didn’t try really hard to get them. So many article about them but in the end we got nothing cause we didn’t do anything. Instead we rely on Brozo and Mario. Now, finally, we realise that we have problem with our midfield.

          Can’t you see that we will repeat the same pattern?

  • nozanneti

    sell miangue to caglliari and
    take benfica backup-lisandro.
    it’s something bad for my taste.

    • Muttaqien

      Unfortunately, Sabatini and Ausilio don’t feel the same. They wasted € 500k from our very limited budget for him.

      If they can’t bring one of de Vrij, Pastore/Mkhitaryan, Deulofeu this January, I will be really angry.

  • La Selecta

    not bad as a back up for us. especially what we paid for him. glad we have some depth at the back. now to just work on everything else lol

    • nozanneti

      we really don’t need ANOTHER DUMMY in our defence.
      he is not a solution, he is a PROBLEM and

      benfica has got rid of their problem !
      we’ll never learn !!!

      • He wasn’t meant to be starter anyway. As long as Miranda’s fit, our backline is Skriniar and Miranda.
        Ranocchia after them. Lisandro 4th option.

        We just need a decent depth to avoid forcing Santon / Dumbo playing as CB when there is no one else on the bench. This will also indirectly avoid Spalletti using Nagatomo to fill up the space left by those two.

        • Muttaqien

          We have limited budget in this mercato and they use 500k casually to bring him. We should loan him without fee, just like Sainsburry last year.

  • kuda

    He’s literally a back up players.

  • nozanneti

    has been with Benfica since 2013 and
    typically been a backup option
    making just 54 appearances … aaaaah !