Inter Agree Personal Terms With Rafinha

January 13, 2018 15:40
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Inter have agreed personal terms with Barcelona midfielder Rafinha ahead of the 24-year-old’s proposed switch to Milan.

According to Premium Sport, the Brazilian has accepted the offer of a four-year-contract from the Nerazzurri.

Indeed, in the last few hours the two clubs have also taken important steps towards finding an agreement. Right now, a deal can be set up on the basis of a loan with option to buy for €15 million plus three variables. It is these potential bonus payments which are holding up proceedings, but there is optimism that negotiations can be drawn to a positive conclusion at the beginning of next week.

The player’s agents have been putting pressure on La Blaugrana to accept the will of the player and work constructively towards allowing him to leave within the shortest timeframe possible. There are no longer any doubts about his physical condition, and so there is no reason why terms and conditions shouldn’t be agreed upon by all parties.

Jordan Russell
By Jordan Russell
  • fcinter1908

    Couldn’t be worse than M’Villa could he. Damn i wish We Had player like hamsik who could give creativity and goal from 2nd line

  • Asyrof Syarif

    Still, it means nothing till barca accept it. But let B+

  • No Vidal_No Problem

    i would prefer anyone from serie A …it may take time for this dude to adapt to italian football

  • Giuseppe Meazza

    We need to buy goals. Man like Fekir man like Son, Verdi should be our target. not some deulofeu bullshit

    • sleimani

      Assolutely we should ave gone for Verdi who is a fk monster, 50% of goals are scored from set pieces and we are sorely lacking a set piece master.

      He’s gonna go rot in the bench at Napoles, meanwhile we going for Gerard Deulofeu who can run and dribble but can’t really score…. genius heijius

  • Stefano

    This means no Deoulofeuoeaieue.
    ( I think I spelled it right , did I ?)

    • Il Principe di Persia

      I think so

  • Naves

    He is a talented player no doubt but injury prone. Also he is a technical midfielder, something Inter lacks but never works at Inter in recent years. I dont see any spot for him in Spalleti formation in case he gets fit on time…. I will pick Deu and Ramires and probably Pastore.

    • Il Principe di Persia

      I found it odd too. Raf is a much better CM than a winger, and we’re getting Ramires who is an animal CM, so wasn’t it better to get a pure winger? Someone like Carrasco or even Del?

      • Naves

        They intend to use Raf as ACM and in Spa formation that player requires intense stamina and someone who can equally cover left/right and center intelligently. Raf wont do that sorry to say and I dont think Spa likes the idea of it.
        And yeah we need a winger, a fast one who can bring something else to the table so Deu and Carasco will be amazing.

        • Il Principe di Persia

          More than agree

      • matt

        how do you guys feel about not knowing shit when it comes to football/tactics/formations etc. Just because you watch the games, play fifa, listen to dumb sports casters doesn’t mean you have any idea what your talking about. oh yeah I’ve watched a few games with this player or checked out his skills/hightlights on youtube makes your thoughts, ideas and analyses of the player relevant. whether he plays CM, ACM, CM, RW, or bench. our opinion doesn’t matter.

        • Il Principe di Persia

          Yeah we don’t know a single shit about football and these idiot coaches and managers who waste million dollars on Gabifail and Mario are Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison with a PhD on Football, so SHUT UP TROLL!

        • Naves

          Yeah we fans are the ones that recruits players for our beloved club. Ironically, I feel that we could have done better job than Guru Aussilio who is scarecrow to Inter Cl ambitions.
          Also, yeh I agree our opinions doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things mostly but hey dont forget Guarin and Vucinic swap deal. If you remember -winks-