Inter Midfielder Borja Valero: “I Should Have Scored”

January 22, 2018 01:30
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A cleanshaven Borja Valero turned up to speak with Inter TV to analyse the Nerazzurri’s 1-1 draw at home against Roma at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza after Matias Vecino equalized in the dying minutes of the match to secure one point for the home side.

Borja was not happy with how the team began the match saying. “We started out very nervous, losing the ball in dangerous situations but we were the only ones who played the game, creating many goal scoring opportunities. It is a shame we were unable to take advantage of those early chances as the match would have been completely different. In the end we were a little bit too tired to try and score 2-1.”

The former Fiorentina player was asked if this late equalizer could function as a boost for the team going forward replying: “Yes, absolutely. We did a lot in the second half, but the draw gives us confidence for the upcoming matches. We are coming from a difficult period during which we have struggled to win, but tonight we showed that we have good things inside of us.”

In conclusion Valero ws asked about the chance he had int he first half saying: “When you are up front you have to score even though I don’t have those traits. I didn’t take advantage of the moment.”

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • common sense

    the only one who made mistake was santon… the team played well and kept roma pushed back… it was unlucky night for icardi!! on anohter day he would have scored 2-3 goals!! i dont think ppl should be bitching about valero.. even the best players have bad days.. one costly mistake though from santon.. otherwise inter were dominating the match.

  • ADRIANO158

    Y’all still bitchin’ in the comments… I didn’t expect so see so many
    bitches in ours Inter army. Spalletti even said: “It’s so easy to be a
    little whiny bitch from a couch and watch this on tv”. Fuck all of you
    little bitches i don’t respect none of you anymore. None! I wish I less
    love Inter, so I could wish them to lose so much until all of you little
    eight years old mentality pus*ies stop following it and waching our
    games. Bring back johnatan castagnos rocchi kuzma “fuck” that “stupid”
    icardi for beign a top scorer and “valero out”, also “spalletti out”,
    and also – all of you out for real.

    • Sean Patrick

      They have no idea what they are talking about 90% of the time.

    • Interfan99

      You’re exaggerating here man, no one want spalletti and valero to fuck off, and it’s a known truth that valero past his prime… still a good player but he’s nothing compared to his fiorentina days, please prove me otherwise

  • Stefano

    One of our best in the field , as always.
    The light turns on only from his feet.
    If you expect a good play to come from gaglia instead…

    • Cobreti

      Why fans’re getting so nerve racking thesedays?
      Too bad we’ve missed 6 games winning the games,though

    • Sean Patrick

      These fans are annoyingly fickle and seem to have not a clue about football.

  • kofko

    Borja you are simply a torino type of player. Hate seeing you contribute nothing and not even making an attempt to defend…. Go back to your beloved Florence

  • grilliant

    Roma barely had any chance. Again Santon should make a blunder in every game. He cost us too many points by himself (Udinese, Fiorentina, Roma)

  • JAY

    Our midfields shooting is comparable to the Iraqis army

  • Interfan99

    We sign him 5 years too late

  • nozanneti

    you SHOULD LEAVE my dear pensioner …

    • JAY

      That was his worse game I ever seen