Luciano Spalletti Warns Inter Not To Squander The ‘Excellent’ Start To The Season

Luciano Spalletti Warns Inter Not To Squander The ‘Excellent’ Start To The Season
January 22, 2018 03:30
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After the usual interview tour with all the different Italian TV channels, Inter coach Luciano Spalletti arrived to the press room for the official post match press conference to analyze the 1-1 draw against former team Roma.

Was this a fair result? 

“I do not know, I am still a bit surprised. We have talked a lot but today I saw a lot of mistakes and I thought we had a better balance in the team.”

Inter was more dangerous in the second half because you attacked in many different ways, was this a change of mentality? 

“Already at other times we have had short periods of really good play, maybe we do not have the conviction of being able to do it for 90 minutes. At times we are a bit timid and then we have short periods of power. In the second half we could see players playing with the conviction of changing the game, in the first half everybody was afraid to lose the ball. Now it is time to stop and reflect because we are facing the risk of throwing the excellent first half of the season away. The players have to trust that the team is in the position it is right now because we deserve it. They have to trust everything they have done and realise that the road is long with a lot of obstacles on the way.”

After the game you said hi to Alisson, what did you say to him? 

“I said hi to everyone in Roma, I have gotten a lot from Roma during an important phase of my career. Alisson is a really good goalkeeper, last year I penalized him by leaving him out of the team, but he deserves the attention that he is getting. He is a complete player and a strong man.”

Do you think it is still possible to end the season in a Champions League spot after the recoveries? 

“We have to start by seeing where we started from, during the first half of the season we got a lot of points, for a period now we have gotten very few points. Now our self-esteem is lower and it is important for us to play when we are having a positive period. We just have to continue, because Lazio is ahead of us and Roma is at the same level.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson