Player Ratings – Inter 1 – 1 Roma: Champions League Hopes Still Alive

January 22, 2018 10:30
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A costly error from full-back Davide Santon was the only chance Roma needed to score in the first half, but a brilliant fight back from Inter towards the end of the game might have kept their Champions League hopes alive.

Samir Handanovic – 5: Not confident at all with Roma’s pressing, made 1 huge error that Miranda saved him from and should have done more on the goal as well.

Joao Cancelo – 6.5: This is what a wingback should play like. His worst moment was that dive but he was the only one who looked dangerous while crossing it in.

Milan Skriniar – 6.5: The usual Milan Skriniar. Some good tough tackles and a lot of composure even when Dzeko and Radja were bearing down on Inter. Best central defender Inter have.

Joao Miranda – 6.5: Welcome back Miranda. Stood like a wall next to Skriniar and went for each aerial ball. The performance deserved a clean sheet but…

Davide Santon – 4: There isnt much to say actually. Hesitant, nervous and a simple school boy error cost Inter 2 points on the night.

Roberto Gagliardini – 4.5: Again he had no outlet as he was the first receiver of the ball. Looked very uncomfortable playing in that role. Moved higher and looked better.

Matias Vecino – 6.5: Matias, like Borja and Gagliardini, couldn’t manage to get a grip of the central midfield in the first half, but the second half was much better. Scored an important goal.

Antonio Candreva – 6: Much better performance tonight as he looked lively. But his solution to getting too many crosses wrong is not to cross the ball at all. Took one step forward.

Borja Valero – 5.5: Can anyone check what was in Borja’s pocket in the first half? It looked like weights. Too slow in the advanced role. His second half performance deserves a 6.

Ivan Perisic – 5.5: Just like Candreva it was a step forward. Looked active and attacked with vigour. He usually gets better in the second half of the season so time to deliver.

Mauro Icardi – 5.5: If it was any other goalkeeper, he would have had another brace and would be Man of the Match. The ball just didn’t go in for him tonight.

Marcelo Brozovic – 6: Nothing of note before that great assist to Vecino and nothing of note after that. Couldn’t combine with Perisic or Dalbert, but that one good cross was all Inter needed.

Eder – 5: He had more than his usual 5 minutes to make an impact. Could have and should have scored. Missed one great chance via a poor header. Not good enough.

Henrique Dalbert – 5: Over-thinking everything. Lacks confidence and tries to listen to his coach but ends up over cooking everything. Needs to just let his natural game flow.

Luciano Spalletti – 5.5: Not the best result but Inter could have won if it wasn’t for Alisson Becker. Doesn’t have much on the bench, but next week onwards there are no excuses.

Davide Massa – 6: He used the VAR perfectly, didn’t blow his whistle for clear dives and let the game flow well. Cancelo cant complain that he was booked for diving either.

Inter – 5.5: A point that keeps Inter’s hopes alive in the race for next seasons Champions League but if the team don’t follow this up with a few wins then it will be two points lost rather than one point gained.

Was a point a good enough result today? Did Inter deserve more? Who is your best left wing back at the moment?

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • frigo

    I can’t agree that Candreva deserve 6, but Icardi and Perisic 5.5, that’s complete nonsense!

  • JoeyJojo

    Wtf happened to Gaglia…his first handful of games with us he was great, didn’t put in a wrong foot….since that Atalanta blowout he has been atrocious….he’s like kdog minus the roulette dribble

  • Giuseppe Meazza

    We should use 10m from eder and sign Balotelli now or for free in the summer. Quality back-up to Icardi, homegrown for UCL.

    • Keith

      Err..why would an interista want that traitor back?

      • zamorano1+8

        the traitors are the interisti that were doing ape chants long before he flirted with milan when he was still a true interista.
        our club could have made this guy to a superstar starting off with him in 2011 season but ofcourse we mess it up…..

      • Giuseppe Meazza

        Coz any other quality options are out of reach in this inflated market. Bitcoins. Come on bruv.

    • Herak Bhowmik

      Balotelli has too much ego to sit on the bench