Rodrigo Palacio Recalls His Time At Inter

Rodrigo Palacio Recalls His Time At Inter
January 25, 2018 15:40
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Rodrigo Palacio spoke to Gazzetta dello Sport, speaking in detail about his time with Inter.

He started with a very humble statement, “At Boca I was obviously younger and faster but I did not have the experience that I posses now. I think I could of been better in Italy, considering I grew up learning tactics. Although I believe I played well at Genoa and in the first two years with Inter. I’m not a champion, I’m not a very strong player but overall I’m happy with what I achieved, I’m just sorry for the fans that I did not win anything in Europe but winning isn’t for everyone.”

What is your favourite memory?

“The decisive goal in the derby and then the goal at Juve’s new Stadium when it ended 3-1 to us, making us the first team to win there, even more impressive considering their record.”

How does Boca-River Plate compare to Milan-Inter or Juve-Inter?

“Inter care more about beating Juve but Boca-River Plate is different, the fans talk about it 20 days before it happens and the pressure builds up to even higher levels on the day.”

Do you think Inter will return to the Champions League now?

“They will fight to the end. I think they have the quality to do so.”

While at Inter you played as the goalkeeper in the final minutes of an Italian Cup game against Verona. Did you enjoy it?

“No, no, I really didn’t want to do it at the time. After Castellazzi’s injury, Chivu had offered to take his place but Stramaccioni wanted either me or Ricky Alvarez to do it. Ricky wasn’t up to it so I accepted and luckily everything went well.”

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia