D’Ambrosio Thanks Fans For Following Inter Even During Difficult Periods

January 31, 2018 19:00
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Danilo D’Ambrosio is the latest Inter star to feature on Inter TV show Drive. Ahead of tonight’s episode, a preview has been released.

The full back firstly discussed his look and his style.

“I am not obsessed with fashion, but I like dressing well nevertheless. I have always cared a lot about my hair too.”

He proceeded to discuss his social media habits and the Inter fans.

“We live in a world where it is important to inform the fans or the ones who follows you. With my wife, through social media, we have also started charity initiatives for needy children.

“The fans should be thanked because they follow us and support us even during difficult periods. I have always said that if the fans do not come to the stadium it is the fault of us players, it means we are not making them proud of how we play.”

He then discussed his early career and when he was courted by Premier League club Chelsea.

“They [Chelsea] looked at me for a while when I was younger, I was 17. The trial went well, but I would have had to go alone, without my brother and my parents in order to not to divide the family. I have always been taught by my family that you must follow dreams and not the money. I then went to Fiorentina and that November I signed a contract with La Viola.”

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • igo

    Dambo, are u high or r u a new kid? (Kidding) We’re always here, no matter what bro. But just tell urself and ur friends, r u that spoiled to sit comfortably enough not to get out of ur sh*tty performances?

  • Ali Suliman

    Dumbo, in my opinion the only player that has inter in his heart. and for that i have nothing but love for him

    • Il Principe di Persia

      Samir, who has wasted his career for this team.

  • Facchetti

    During times like this, and what this jackass said is when fans start to not show up. Instead of thanking fans for your pay cheque they should all be apologizing.

  • Mamoun

    We don’t give a f… about how u feel Dumbo


    We’re used to you faggots letting us down. Bunch of bitches that choke under pressure. You all should play the rest of the season for free.


      I wonder for how long will the fans still go to meazza when these turds can’t even pass a ball straight. 7 years went by yet we are seeing the same shitty faces. Nothing but false promises. The management is basically the same as it always has been with.