Massimo Moratti: “Inter Should Aim For The Champions League”

January 31, 2018 21:08
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Former Inter President, Massimo Moratti stopped outside of Inter’s head offices in central Milano to talk with the gathering journalists from Premium Sport and FcInternews on a wide variety of topics.

The legendary Nerazzurri President was asked if he was expecting any signings to which he replied: “You make do with what you have. The present group of players have previously demonstrated to have done well and so they can do that now too. Two players have been signed, a midfielder and a defender so the group has been strenghtened. I think Inter can qualify for the Champions League.”

Moratti was then asked about his thoughts on Mauro Icardi’s future saying: “You would know more than me journalistically. Icardi is necessary this season, he has put everything he has into it. I think that the team can allow itself to aim for the Champions League, without doubt.”

In conclusion Moratti was asked if he has any words of advice for Suning and Steven Zhang as well as if any last minute surprise signings should be expected: “I respect him very much, he is humble but intelligent. He knows how to swim in these waters. I know that they were trying to sign several players but it is more important to do something useful. But I would have signed a striker [smiles].”

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • dipesh

    I don’t know why we didn’t get Alex texiera if we couldn’t get Ramirez atleast he would have been able to play behind icardi, And on the wing. Secondly if we need a defensive midfielder and we haven’t brought one in. It seems like it’s inter against the world at the moment.

  • Anybody knows why it was so difficult to just get Ramires? He could bolster the midfield and allow Brozo to get on with his career some other place. SImply don’t get it….

    • Boudou

      Simple answer, Zhang blocked everything in the end, and refused to spare some change for this window.

  • nozanneti

    it disturbes me when I see moratti is praising zhang.
    are they too much similar ?? not too much good sign …
    “I respect him very much, he is humble but intelligent. He knows how to swim in these waters….”

  • Endy

    F u suning

  • victor oladipo

    fuck suning, fuck chinese billionaire

  • Inter4life

    Love you Morattu. With you we had always star players: Cannavaro, Veron, Figo, Lucia, Samuel, Cambiasso, Vieri, Crespo, Zanetti, Zlatan, Etoo, Sneijder, Milito, Etc… with the Indonesian clown and the suning punks we have no one… we haven’t won a thing in a long time… this is really sad. What makes me the most upset this transfer window is: Suning didn’t let Ramires go to Inter on loan for 5 months.. then they blocked the pastore move. Then brozo the clown was finally leaving inter but the coach blocked it because we’re not signing no one AND THEY EXPECT UCL??? WOW LOL OK

    • Boudou

      Im depressed. We spent all our money on Kondo,Mario, Flopinho and it seems Dalbert ( I hope I’m wrong ) is our next expensive flop. Close to 150 millions in the air

      • nozanneti

        who’s flopinho ?!?
        gabi ?

        • Hitman

          Yeah that the reference!!!!

    • nozanneti

      ridiculous spalleti fucked up brozo’s transfer and is waisting his time.
      let the boy go to the club that wants him, you stupid spalleti !
      after this transfer window inter is only weaker and all problems remeind,
      without bringin any solutions to reinforce inter … we shall not qualifie in CL.
      btw. we have nothing to do in such a competition except to
      gain some moey with too many goals in our net.

      • Hitman

        Is not all Spalletti fault is more Sabatini that is too stuborn in focusing in players that no one else wants!!! I was expecting for this to happen and it did.

        Instead of wasting time in the likes like Sturridge/Pastore just to say this too he should have gone with other players in trying to loan them.

        He is so desperate that they try to make a Swap with Everton for Schneiderlin that included Brozovic but he fail!!

        We could had got Klaassen for Brozovic + clash two days ago.

        But noooo useless Sabatini was thinking with his up is arse.

        • nozanneti

          that small slovak midfielder looks promising to me. plays smart and simple.


      Well, at least they brought in a guy with one broken leg who hasn’t played for half a year lol. Right?

    • Ilir

      I understand your frustration but Suning actually has spend money not a lot but they have a project to rebuild Inter year after year as they got it from scratch. Best quality players are focused in England league and Spain not like it used to be about Italy so it’s hard to get good players without spending a lot . The past two years Inter’s problem has been Ausilio and referees with some fucked up decisions that have coast Inter a fortune . If Ausilio was gonna buy what Manchini asked him for in January 2015 we probably were gonna ritch CL spot . I’m also sick with the fact that Inter never gotten a single point by tolerating by the referees like Juve gets every year close to 20 points . I really like to see Ausilio out he doesn’t know what actually works for Inter doesn’t have an instinct and Inter should hire a professional private agent to monitor referees when Inter plays