Sampdoria Reject Inter Offer For Torreira

January 31, 2018 16:40
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Sampdoria have rejected a last minute approach from Inter for midfielder Lucas Torreira according to a report from Premium Sport.

The Nerazzurri made a loan with redemption offer which was swiftly knocked back by the Genoese outfit. Despite being rejected once, Inter will keep trying to convince La Samp to part ways with the highly rated Uruguayan midfielder using the same transfer formula in what remains of the mercato.

The 21-year-old has attracted a wealth of interest in recent months including from Juventus and Napoli within Italy. Torreira is under contract at the Marassi through to the summer of 2022 and Sampdoria are likely to command a big fee for him.

If Inter are unable to convince Sampdoria to part with Torreira, they will focus their attention on Stephane M’Bia and Godfred Donsah instead. M’Bia currently plies his trade in China with Hebei Fortune while Donsah is with Bologna and has long been followed by the Nerazzurri among others.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Antonio

    We are actually embarassing. Fought for so long over Pastore only for Suning to pull out (I sort of agree with them as we would basically be paying just under €1m per apperance he makes). We should have sent PSG a take it or leave it deal last week. If they reject, then we could have spent time convincing alternatives. This story makes it seem like we are desperately throwing loan offers at everyone, hoping to get an agreement. Why the fuck would Samp let him go hours before the window closes? No team is stupid enough to send players away from the club without enough time to reinforce surely… … … oh wait, we are.

    Yet again we are the joke of Italy. We are essentially a poor mans Arsenal. Always talking about being a top team, but never showing it over the season. We bottle at Christmas, and cannot close games against bottom tier teams. Absolute embarrassment at times.

    But don’t worry guys, we are now planning on selling Pinamonti (the only player who probably truely loves Inter) right when Icardi is out with an ‘injury’ (sure we believe you). We will be stuck with headless Eder, Perisic who has been bollocks for a while now, Candreva who has also been regressing back to Crossdreva, and Brozovic who was told to fuck off, and now told nah never mind… the guy had no passion to play when we wanted him here, god knows how he is going to perform now we want shot of him.

    We need Rafinha to turn up big fucking time for us. Gagliardini needs to wake the fuck up and realise that a match lasts 90min not 45 (guy is nowhere to be found half the time), Valero needs to start passing forward, and Vecino needs to return to the tireless, closing opponents down, type of player he was when he first came here.

    God help us if we get an injury. Although perhaps that will make Spalletti try some of our youngsters out… … … Nah we are Inter. Instead we will play players out of position and refuse to develop anyone.

    Rant over… just like our hopes of UCL #yetanotheryearzero

  • Michael Rojas

    Great! No Pastore and now no Torreira. Guess we’ll end up with no new midfielder. What about Barella from Cagliari he looks good and probably cheaper than Pastore and Torreira

    • Il Principe di Persia

      Barella would be at least 50M man! Cagliari will do a Verratti deal with him in summer

      • Michael Rojas

        OOOH really is he that much. Dam

        • Il Principe di Persia


  • El Chapo ForzaInter


  • denton bexley

    If we had realised that we needed to sell players, not loan them out, then we might have been able to do something- may as well have kept Mario just for the numbers….pathetic window, yet again- a fourth choice centre back who probably won’t get a kick, and a guy with potential as long as he can recover after a year out- woopy f###in doo!!!

    • Boudou

      And on top of that a poor run of form that will soon enter its 3rd month… Woohooo Pazza Inter

  • Endy

    Well, seems like until the end of the season we’re still gonna see grandpa valero, slow gag, and mediocre vecino in the midfield

  • I still hope we`ll sign Torreira in summer, he has that determination and does not give up like some primadonnas in our team right now. Lucas Torreira has a €25m buying out clause, so let`s hope president Ferrero won`t adjust on that.

  • La Selecta

    i would prefer Donsah. i think he could be a star. we are awful at developing talent though…

    • Didn`t Torino already seal the deal for Donsah?!

      I mean loan with option to buy @ 7m that becomes an obligation after certain number of apps.

      • La Selecta

        was it official? damn!

        • Not official yet:

          Cairo: ‘Donsah? We’ll see…’

          Torino President Urbano Cairo suggests a deal for Bologna’s Godfred Donsah isn’t as close as first thought – “let’s see if it’s feasible”.

          It was reported earlier today that the two clubs had agreed on a loan with a €7m obligation to buy, but the Granata might not have their man quite yet.

          “Let’s see if it’s feasible,” Cairo told ANSA.

          “I’m not sure. If we can do something else, Donsah or other opportunities, we’ll do it willingly.”

          • La Selecta

            hmm interesting. well let’s see if we can make anything happen. i honestly don’t think we are bringing anyone else in.

    • Il Principe di Persia

      Is he that good!? I don’t think so

      • La Selecta

        well he’s not what we need right now, but i’m saying if our only options was between him and Torreira, i would prefer Donsah.