Inter Worried By Perisic vs Icardi vs Wanda Drama

February 2, 2018 12:40
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Rome based newspaper Corriere della Sera reports that there has been a change in attitude between Icardi and the Croatian duo of Ivan Perisic and Marcelo Brozovic after last weeks draw between S.P.A.L and Inter.

According to the report: “Icardi had already indirectly called questioned the duo after their draw against Florence saying that “In training some no longer fight, there has to be sacrifice”, a phrase that is evidenced by their recent displays. The feud has apparently expanded onto social media: Icardi has stopped following Brozovic and Perisic no longer follows Icardi. Times have changed in this regard but the dynamics in the dressing do not allow this type of antipathic behaviour.”

According to the newspaper, Icardi is no longer willing to act as the shield for those who do not commit themselves, which increasingly improves Real Madrid’s hopes of signing him in the summer, where he would earn close to double his current €5.5 million net per season salary and would have higher chances of winning titles.

Corsera also adds the point that if this were the case, Mino Raoila may try to replace Wanda as his new agent for this deal emphasizing that “We will see how much resistance Wanda will be able to give” given that the relationship between Mauro and Wanda has been on more stable terms, at least from the messages we see the two exchange on social media. One day they love each other and the next, Wanda posts photos that leave little to the imagination which seems to upset Mauro.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia
  • Henry Michael

    Icardi for Kovacic & Modric

  • Aaron

    Icardi is not the best captain neither is he Zanetti…we know that.He’s young and when he was GIVEN the armband it was done to make him more mature which I can see he’s maturing… still needs to work on his leadership but that would come with time.I 100% agree with him for calling out Brozo and Peri for their down right laziness…they do not fight as they could and should…Icardi who isn’t even known for tracking back this season has done it multiple times he wants to do well.Even if he’s out of form..heck EVERY PLAYER losses form from time to time.We can’t depend on him to bail us out 9/10 times.Perisic is extremely selfish…re watch inter matches …when he’s in position instead of slipping in Icardi or another teammate he almost always goes for the lazy slow stepovers and the off balance shot.Brozovic throws his hands up in the air for everything that doesn’t go the way he wanted.Seldom even helps in defense when possession is turned over.The social media bs is bad on all parties involved however.I cannot condone that but Icardi is right for calling them out.As I said…if you all want Icardi sold sure..but I sure as hell hope a striker as good as he is comes in to replace him.

    • Andrej Vajs

      Yes Icardi is not maybe the best figure to be captain, but it not to blame him for the momental situation in the club when the results are lacks.Icardi is striker and he has no usbale crosses and good passes from the midfield, because our midfield is without idea how to develop the game from back to front.Our game is very predictable by our opponents, and every one knows what Borja capable to do is, also Vecino or Candreva who runs like brainless chicken,Brozovic is a totaly moron who should stay at Dinamo Zagreb becaise this club is the maximum which suits him,Brozovic has no mentality of the great player he is the scumbag and gambler.I thouhgt it would be very usefull if Spalletti separate Perisic and Brozovic not to play them together, because now it is obvioussy that we have a death run game if those two lads are palying together.

  • La Beneamata

    this is insane. how people only blame icardi and not brozo and perisic to fight more. sure icardi share the blame. but tbh he asked his team mate to fight more for the teams and brozo perisic poor attitude on training and game prove that. icardi should calmer and not posting on social media and deal on private via brozo or perisic.

  • Anang Shikamaru

    Icardi always give us problem..sell him asap

  • Hitman

    A captain can call his teammates, but the huge problem here is that Icardi is not a leader, either in the field, in the dressing room or outside of this one.

    Icardi needs to look himself in a mirror he was giving the armband as a stipulation in his contract!!! R.Mierdid can take him and it will be a win 2 primadonnas out for the price of one!!!!

  • Interfan91

    People saying this is not what a captain does by calling you out when youve been playing like shit, have you ever played sports? Finally giving some shit to perisic after his non existence the past couple months, good on Icardi

  • Walter White

    …and one dayIcardi walked on Brozovic and Perisic banging Wanda. Rest of the team was outside waiting for their turn.

    • Gennadiy Kilimnik

      Haha awesome that would have been great haha

  • INTer

    icardi is not the captain javier zanetti is lol

  • Binto Baggio

    Is this mean the winningless is not over yet?

  • Cdp

    Just let 3 of them go.. 4 include wanda..


    Mauro is finally stepping up and calling out the lazy shits that are loafing on out team. GOOD! This is what a captain supposed to do. Im proud of him.

    • Il Principe di Persia

      He has been lazy shit for while himself.

    • Antonio

      I agree. People saying he should not call out teammates due to squad harmony… fuck that. If you play like shit, you need to be told to wake the fuck up, and it is the captains job to tell the others if they are underperforming

    • kofko

      To be honestly it should have been spalletti kicking the useless brozo and invisible perishit . But he loves his little perishit. Even when he is awful he never substitutes him…. ridiculous

  • Jeffery Wyatt

    Wanda really ?Lopez will be laughing now

  • denton bexley

    Problem solved easily- get rid of Brozovic and Perisic, as both are useless!!

    • Anang Shikamaru

      And icardi..he brought us no where every year

      • Antonio

        Sure lets remove Icardi. Why don’t we have a look at how many points Icardi has given us by himself. Go back and remove all of Icardi’s goals for the previous years, and instead of finishing 4th-7th it would be 14th-17th.

        How can people serious think that Icardi needs to go. With Eder as backup we should be praying Icardi will not leave

        • Hitman

          There are others strikers others that are not drama queen and want to impose themself as captain..

          Icardi is no leader neither an example for kids out there, He can leave and will be replaced buy another striker.

          Inter needs a true captain not a drama queen.

          • Gennadiy Kilimnik

            Can’t agree more. Just gonna name a few Vieri, Cruz, Crespo, Batistuta for short time, Ruben Sosa, Klinsmann, Adrian, Martins bled for this club. I saw a game vs fiorentina and what did I see I saw Lorenzo Crisetig and Mark Benassi giving their all on the pitch guys from our farm playing with passion that who we need. Please free Pinamonti and Karamho finally. Fuck that Argentinian piece of shit Icardi!

        • Wasim

          I agree with you, alot of people want Icardi gone, however just look at his stats Icardi’s shots to goal ratio is mightily impressive and we would find it very difficult to find a striker with the stupid prices out there and with this conversion rate, especially with the lack of chances we create. On the flipside his personal life has always been an issue to all Inter fans. Yes we’ve had great strikers in the past but those strikers were great because we had great players in some positions who created chances for them. This team at the moment has only a few top players and our midfield is so poor for chance creation its unbelievable. Icardi maybe no leader but give him a chance and he more often than not bury’s it, it’s one of the reasons why Real want him.

          • Gennadiy Kilimnik

            2002 team was not that much better than this one. But are you going to tell me that I card is better than Vieri or Ronaldo lol

  • Il Principe di Persia

    Raoila is pure evil, the worst thing that happened to football .

    Fucking vulture !

  • nozanneti

    riola is in action, he wants to retake icardi from wanda’s hands, I mean legs 😉
    there is a row between icarda now … he well deserved that punishment !

  • Inter4ever

    I can totally see him being fed up with other players like Peresic and Brozovic who always look after each other instead of the team, but a captain must always put harmony first. You are not a captain Mauro Icardi.

    He hasn’t been preforming for the last month, and Wanda is most likely the reason why.

    Get your shit straightened out and focus on doing your JOB

    • nozanneti

      “fed up with other players like Peresic and Brozovic who always look after each other instead of the team” —- give me some firm proves for that. it’s just a phrase with no real substance.

  • Fuck Brozovic.

    • nozanneti

      wanda is better ! 😉

    • Otlo

      I really cannot understand how he still has a contract at Inter.

      • nozanneti

        freedom for brozović ! let him go, inter don’t need him.
        let’s grab wanda’s ass !