Inter Worried By Perisic vs Icardi vs Wanda Drama

Inter Worried By Perisic vs Icardi vs Wanda Drama
February 2, 2018 12:40
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Rome based newspaper Corriere della Sera reports that there has been a change in attitude between Icardi and the Croatian duo of Ivan Perisic and Marcelo Brozovic after last weeks draw between S.P.A.L and Inter.

According to the report: “Icardi had already indirectly called questioned the duo after their draw against Florence saying that “In training some no longer fight, there has to be sacrifice”, a phrase that is evidenced by their recent displays. The feud has apparently expanded onto social media: Icardi has stopped following Brozovic and Perisic no longer follows Icardi. Times have changed in this regard but the dynamics in the dressing do not allow this type of antipathic behaviour.”

According to the newspaper, Icardi is no longer willing to act as the shield for those who do not commit themselves, which increasingly improves Real Madrid’s hopes of signing him in the summer, where he would earn close to double his current €5.5 million net per season salary and would have higher chances of winning titles.

Corsera also adds the point that if this were the case, Mino Raoila may try to replace Wanda as his new agent for this deal emphasizing that “We will see how much resistance Wanda will be able to give” given that the relationship between Mauro and Wanda has been on more stable terms, at least from the messages we see the two exchange on social media. One day they love each other and the next, Wanda posts photos that leave little to the imagination which seems to upset Mauro.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia