Player Ratings – Inter 1 – 1 Crotone: Another Poor Performance

February 4, 2018 10:30
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Another Serie A round, another 1-1 draw. Inter looked scared to get the 3 points last night. The Champions League qualification that the Nerazzurri management is aiming at this season looks like a distant dream. This is now the longest Inter have gone in the Serie A without a win in the club’s history. 

Samir Handanovic – 5.5: Too static. He was captain last night but just kept looking at crosses in the first half instead of being proactive. Better 2nd half. Goal was not his fault.

Danilo D’Ambrosio – 5: Doesn’t look 100%. Got basics right and was beaten once in defence. Looked stable on the left side towards the end. Offered nothing in attack.

Milan Skriniar – 6: Another game another great performance. Was out of position only once during the game. Looks world class no matter what the situation is.

Joao Miranda – 6: Stable defender, always there to relieve Skriniar and Borja of any pressure on the ball. Took the initiative a little too much towards the end.

Henrique Dalbert – 5.5: Too scared. Didn’t venture forward but showed his ball winning ability in the first half. Looks composed when attacking. Lacks the confidence.

Borja Valero – 5.5: Under too much pressure. Needs someone to be playing closer to him. Still managed the regista role better than anyone else. Unlucky tonight.

Matias Vecino – 5: Didn’t get his passing right. Some woeful attempts in the first half. No matter who plays in this role/position the results are now the same.

Antonio Candreva – 5: Nothing changed. Same old ideas with the same old results. Booed off after an hour which is now the new normal. Cant get anything right.

Marcelo Brozovic – 6: Was obviously instructed to play quick and early passes. He got 1-2 right which led to chances but the others were just giveaways. Only quantity.

Ivan Perisic – 5: Just like the other wing. Devoid of ideas, looks out of touch, disinterested even. Shadow of the player who was efficient in front of goal.

Eder – 6: Ran around a lot, threw himself at 50-50’s and got an important goal. But then disappeared and was never in the right position to do anything.

Rafinha – 6.5: Brought the spark that was needed. Inter’s most creative player in his half an hour tonight. Never tried the same thing twice. Unpredictable.

Joao Cancelo – 5: The last game on the left side of defence seems to have broken his confidence. Was very poor in his 15 mins. Couldn’t get basics right.

Yann Karamoh – 6: There is a lot to like about Yann. Direct football, explosive pace. Yes he lacks experience but can he really be poorer than our “wingers”?

Luciano Spalletti – 5: The players have lost their minds. Icardi’s injury made things worse. His team don’t look like the guys who raced to the top of the league earlier.

Daniele Orsato – 4: Some poor decisions in the first half that we arent used to. Obvious corners missed, easy free kicks given. Not enough time added on. Poor.

Inter – 5: After the goal the team went to sleep and let Crotone dominate. Inter cant be too afraid to win and talk about getting to the Champions League.

Do you think some players deserved more or less? Which ones? Is it time to risk a little more on the younger players?

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • Aaron

    I’m 99% sure that Icardi will come back and bail this sorry excuse for a team out yet again with the help of Rafinha ofc who seems to have what it takes to actually service Icardi and that’s legit all we need..ofc some competent wingers would help but meh…

  • It`s the shitty loser mentality of the players` from last season: just like they stopped believing before the end and did not give a shit on purpose not to make it into the EL.

    Coach should also grow some balls and settle for nothing less than a win! Remind them how to pass and support each other in attack. We become a one dimensional cross-and-hope team.

    Instead of scoring 1 goal and parking the bus, they should aim for 3-0 before wasting time. Disgraceful attitude, some of them should be fined so they wake up to fuckin` reality, as they only seem to care about money and social media. Even a mediocre squad should have no problems in beating newly promoted teams!!!!! Fucking primadonnas.

  • kofko

    Spalletti should get no more than 3

    • JAY

      too much still

  • Overwatch

    The best for us fan can do is to put some pressure on Thohir to sell all his shares to Sunning. Otherwise, no money will be spent in near future. I heard a rumor that Sunning is angry at Thohir since he somehow lent big chunk of money to Inter and now the club needs to pay the interest to him. This situation wasn’t disclosed when Sunning made the purchase.

  • Ilir

    Jesus Hysein Christ so many avarage players !! Since 2012 Inter buys some fucked up players that are beyond imagination , just throwing money out there making other clubs and agents richer just because we are Inter and in the end we get what we get . Suning is seeing Inter as business comes first and than Inter it’s not like they really can’t wait to win again or put Inter where belongs because spending 100 million a season for a club like Inter are nothing , their attention is to young players because if they turn out be great he can sell them a furtune instead what Inter really wants are experienced players that have proved themselfs and you know they can offer something like Miranda for example. Tell me a fuckin Chinese President that is popular or won something in the 5 bigest leagues in the world because i don’t know anyone that means they don’t know shit about football

  • Tolenk Padovano

    Watching hellas Verona-Roma now. I thought Roma also in crisis, but there is grid and ‘anger’ in the way they play. Very different to Inter’s player who looks scary to make mistakes. If Roma is our direct competitor for the CL dream, they surely have better chance than us

    • Alexis

      no way, roma will be 5th or 6th. they always choke

  • Herak Bhowmik

    another 15 games and another 15 points max

  • denton bexley

    Rafihna and Karamoh were the only positives on an otherwise dreadful night- both should start the next game. Also, Dalbert should be given a consistent run in the team- even though he was clearly lacking in confidence, he’s our best option at left back, and it was nice to see a left footer occasionally attacking the opposition- especially since Perisic seems to have decided that he is right footed!?!?
    Perisic, Brozovic, Candreva and possibly even Vecino all need to be dropped until there is a change in their lazy, sulky attitudes!!

  • adk damar

    Good team always having good “Mildfielder”, Faakkk for Vecino,Borja,Candreva,Brozovic.
    need young, pace, speed players like karamoh, rafinha, gagliardini, cancelo

    • solointer

      We do have young and motivated players like Karamoh and Cancelo but they can’t play just because they lack “experience”.

  • Anang Shikamaru

    Yeah and this only the beginning.. another 15 games with poor performance are waiting to be watched..#interiscomingdownagain..f u suning