Giuseppe Bergomi: “If Inter Want Champions League Football They Must Start Winning Again”

Giuseppe Bergomi: “If Inter Want Champions League Football They Must Start Winning Again”
February 8, 2018 12:30
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Inter legend, Giuseppe Bergomi spoke to Corriere dello Sport about the tight knit race for next seasons Champions League between Inter, Lazio and Roma

Bergomi, do you remember a fight for the Champions so balanced?

“Unfortunately, for a few years we had no more than four spots in the Champions League and, even if my memory can betray me, I do not remember three teams so close to each other and so detached from the followers. The fourth place spot this season has great value and I expect that they will go on like this until the end.”

Napoli and Juventus for the Scudetto, Lazio, Inter and Roma for the Champions League, then a group of teams aiming for sixth place: did they expect a similar split of the championship?

“This gap between the first two and Roma I would never have imagined because the Giallorossi is an important squad in spite of the Rüdiger and Salah departures. Inter had deluded me after the draw against Napoli and I hoped it would remain there until the end. But Lazio also has a great team, with many players who can make a difference at any time. A little more of a fight for the title than I would have imagined or at least I thought those three could be closer to each other.”

Can some of the teams pursuing Inter, Roma and Lazio dream of a Champions League spot?

“If they continue to go so slowly, it is not enough to attain it.”

Who do you think?

“At Milan for their coat of arms: if they had won at Udinese. But also look at Sampdoria, because they play  good football, and Atalanta because, despite still running in the Italian Cup and the Europa League, they have Gasperini who is one specialist in the final stretch of the season.”

Mario Gagliano
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