Mauro Icardi To Start Against Bologna

February 8, 2018 06:30
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Italian media outlet Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Maruo Icardi will make his return on Sunday against Bologna, after he missed out against Crotone due to a minor muscular injury.

His 18 goals out of 38 shots which give him a 47.4% conversion rate are a major factor in Inter’s current position and will be vital going forward in their objective of finishing fourth. Spalletti has struggled to get overs scoring while the Captain has endured a goal drought over the last nine fixtures including two in the Italian Cup, having scored 16 in the first 15 games before.

Therefore, Spalletti will be looking to experiment some more, looking at Rafinha’s capabilities in the centre and how he can use his skills to open space and provide Mauro with some better through-balls. Yesterday, Icardi trained separately but today he is back with the group as he trains with the motivation of scoring his 100th Serie A goal this weekend at the age of 24.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia
  • Aaron

    🙂 My captain! We missed you dearly!

  • Michael Rojas

    Thank God he’s back, we should bench Perisic and Candreva this game since they want to play like shit all the time

  • Darius Darius


  • Paweł

    Thanks god he is going back

  • JoeyJojo

    I’m hearing that Thoir will be in attendance on Sunday…not even Icardi can save us if that’s the case … FML!

    • bumrar

      Well our shit streak started the last time he attended, maybe another visit will break the curse? I don’t see any other solution than hoping for the supernatural tbh.

    • Anang Shikamaru

      we’ll be burned