Preview: Inter vs Bologna – Is the crisis finally behind us?

February 10, 2018 12:00
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Word from the players out of Appiano is that they’ve put the crisis behind them, and they will be more than eager to demonstrate this as they take on Bologna at home. Match on Sunday at 15:00CET

Few managers like to rain on an Inter parade like Roberto Donadoni does. The ex-Milanista winger has made it a bit of a habbit of drawing out disappointing results for his Nerazzurri opponents. Donadoni will look at Sunday’s game as the perfect oppurtunity to really make a dent in Inter’s season.
Despite Bologna having won just twice in their last eight matches and not having kept a clean sheet since mid-November of last year, they possess a more than capable squad that can more than trouble the mentally fragile Nerazzurri. A strike force that includes ex-Interisti Rodrigo Palacio, Mattia Destro and the highly rated Simone Verdi will always be a handful for any opposing defence.
It is difficult to see what Spaletti can do differently given the squad he currently possesses. There are no players who are forced to play out of they optimal positions and the tactics that worked so well early in the season seem to be falling flat die to the fatigue, hesitation, self doubt of the two payers who were the team’s biggest difference makers in Ivan Perisic and Antonio Candreva.
Perhaps the introduction of Rafinha as a sort of trequartista can inject that bit of magic that has so eluded the squad. If Inter can pose a credible threat to opposing teams through the middle, their opponents would then be unable to overload their defending on the flanks, giving both Inter wingers some space. That being said, there’s a feeling that Inter’s scoring impotence is more a result of a lack of bodies inside the opposition’s box than an inability to create chances. Neither Brozovic nor Joao Mario have been able to consistently play that role and the hope is that the ex-Barca player can finally be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Team News

Reports suggest that both Mauro Icardi and Rafinha will be selected by Spaletti as starters for the match. This will mean that for the first time in a very long time, Spaletti will have his best starting eleven at his disposal. The announced summer signing of Lauturo Martinez and Stefan de Vrij will also be expected to have positive effect on morale within the squad, and maybe even shake things up a bit with the squad.

Probable Inter line-up (subject to change): (4-2-3-1) Handanovic; D’Ambrosio, Miranda, Skriniar, Cancelo; Valero, Vecino; Perisic, Rafinha, Candreva; Icardi  (C)


Last Season: Inter 1 – 1 Bologna

Last 10 Head to Head: Draws have been the name of the game between both sides in their last ten league encounters, with five of the ten matches ending with the points shared. Interestingly, Bologna last been Inter almost five years ago in March 2013 at the Meazza.

Keep an Eye on

Rafinha: It seems certain that the attacking midfielder will be given a starting position as trequartista behind Icardi (or Eder). The ex-Barcelona player has had the misfortune of featuring off the bench in Inter’s previous two disappointing matches and he will hope that the couple of weeks he’s had to train with the squad and his involvement from the start of a match will afford him the chance to really make his mark on the performance.


Refereree: Paolo Valeri

Assistants: Bindoni, Longo

 Fourth Official: Sacchi

Additional Assistants: La Penna, Vivenzi

Prediction & Authors Note

Prediction & scorers: Inter 2 – 1 Bologna Icardi and Perisic on the scoresheet.

Author’s Note: It is clear as day that Inter’s problems are mental, and so no logical comment can be really made on the potential outcome of the match. If the “real” Inter show up, then this can definitely be a straightforward winnable encounters, however, if the stuttering and unsure Inter of the last few games set foot in the Meazza, then all bets are off.

By Mohamed Nassar
  • syahrul sembarang

    congratz to Grandpa lacio, respect. n congratz to us, 3 point thats all matters, at least for now.
    Edit : not sure bout lopes, prefer sent back lopes to his portugal club, i prefer see rano.

  • Wow finally a win! And Candreva was taken to school by a teenager today! Such speed, passes, determination and what a goal in the end after truly amazing footwork! Linked up so well with Rafinha. AMazing what grid and balls can add to a team of rusty players who feel untouchable..

  • Anang Shikamaru

    3 point finally but bologna far better than us..karamoh and rafinha should be starter in of the match KARAMOH!!!

    • Wynne Putradana

      Far better? How come a team that only depends on counter attacking you said better..?

      • Anang Shikamaru

        they are nine and still got a dangerous chance..we are lucky no penalty for dumbro

        • Wynne Putradana

          Yes, because they only depend on counter attack. Beside that, zero. They made nothing.

  • Pradana Gilang

    gaglia for karamoh and suddenly we losing domination. Luckily we win, because if we not, it’s all Spaletti to blame

    • Anang Shikamaru

      No , karamoh seems got hit on his thigh..imo borja should be replaced by gaglia and candreva for karamoh

  • TQ

    we finally won! Have a great day guys! FOrza inter!

  • TQ


  • TQ

    we’re fucked

  • TQ

    spaletti is looking for a draw guys

  • JoeyJojo

    If we can’t win now then I’m convinced we’re cursed

  • Pradana Gilang

    wow karamoh

  • JoeyJojo

    What a goal!

  • TQ


  • TQ


  • ran

    Inter season done,
    Inter playe against bologna at home as if play against barcelona away.from home. Such a shame how spalletti managed this game.
    Hate to say but spalletti should left

  • artha admika

    Please sub perisiccccccc

  • Anang Shikamaru

    brozovic is fail..put in rafinha

  • iman

    big lol 1-1 draw good result against barcelogna..

    they dominate inter at home..this team ist done!!! completely hope for even euro league..

    like a knocked out boxer who stand up just to get the next knock out week by week..spaletti failed badly..thanks next failiure please..

  • TQ

    thank you miranda you stupid fuck

  • TQ

    we have to fucking win no matter how we play! SCORE MORE GOALS !! FORZA inter!!

  • Mayor inter

    Forza Inter

  • dimas

    it will be 3-0 for us. We’re gonna win!

  • Pradana Gilang

    Spaletti (like mancini and many other Italian coach except Sarri) have to much emphasis on team balance, that’s why we always got draw result. I want to see more aggressive Inter today, the team who throw it all on the table and expect nothing but win.

    • adk damar

      yess brother,
      aggressive and strong team must have a good median,
      at now we suffering due poor level of borja,brozo,vecino.

    • Asyrof Syarif

      I’m on your side… ^_^

  • Almir Hucic

    Now that Lazio lost we can overrake third spot. Let’s stay positive. We’re talking about our beloved Inter ffs. Forza Inter!!

  • Rio Hermantara

    Napoli trashed Lazio.. there is no better moment to seize that 3rd place. Inter must win and stop this drawing-nonsense with smaller teams.

    • solointer

      I hope Spaletti has the same idea otherwise we’er gonna see the same balanced team against bologna until 85th minute when he decides we need to win and then make the substitutions.

      • Il Principe di Persia

        Woeds “balanced” and “needs to adapt” are enough to give me a headache

  • Herak Bhowmik

    wait a minute – its mentioned that summer signing De Vrij, now hv we signed him or its a false news.

    • Asyrof Syarif

      Need an explanation tho…

    • I don’t think we have signed him, then we would have heard a lot of bitch*ng from Lotito.
      BUT! We seem to have a real chance. I just fear it will lead to Skriniar being sold, and that golden boy has the potential to be the best out there! Better to cash in on ICardi than Skriniar..

      • Herak Bhowmik

        I don’t think we will sell skrinier. if de vrij comes he will replace ageing Miranda

        • How I hope you are right! I would love that to hapen. But I fear the possible profit from Skriniar might make the business owners look past his fundamental role to the team. But let’s see! I am all in for your jugdement call 😉

  • Jakes

    When the starting 11 are almost the same the 11 players feels secure and the others who rarely plays get demotivated. Its a lose lose situation because of the lack of hunger. Furthermore it is too easy to defend against the same formation and same style.

    Start Rafinha and Karamoh and go very aggressive the first half an hour and aim for a goal or two and then play on the counter and/or slow down the tempo.

    • Binto Baggio

      Everybody here knows that, the only person didnt understand that is the mediocre spaletti!

  • adk damar

    Candre, Brozo, Borja out
    Karamoh, Gagli, Rafinha in

    speed, run, fight!!!

    • Interfan91

      gaglia is not fast at all

      • Il Principe di Persia

        At least can run for 90 mins

      • El-Capit4no

        Speed and Run are for Ratings and Karamoh, fight is for Gaglia

      • adk damar

        Gagli strong in aerial duels, through pass and intercep ball, we need nig man in the middle
        Borja, Brozo can’t jump
        Karamoh with his speed and cross
        Rafinha with determination in the transition attack and defense

    • adk damar

      Gagli strong in aerial duels, through pass and intercep ball, we need nig man in the middle
      Borja, Brozo can’t jump
      Karamoh with his speed and cross
      Rafinha with determination in the transition

  • denton bexley

    Icardi is out unfortunately, so Eder will be in once again…unfortunately! Our only chance is to start Rafihna, and play Karamoh instead of Candreva or Perisic- Personally, I would drop Perisic, as he clearly believes that he is undroppable, regardless of how little effort he has been putting in for the last 2 months!! Also, Spaletti should remind him that he’s left footed, and tell him to stop cutting in on his right, as he is useless at doing so!!
    Cancelo Skrniar Miranda Dalbert
    Gagliardini Rafihna Vecino
    Candreva Eder Karamoh

    • Interfan91

      rafinha will only be able to play 45 min max

      • Il Principe di Persia

        While the others are able to give every single fan a heart attack for 9000 mins!

      • denton bexley

        Play him from the start, then take him off as he tires… just don’t bring on Brozovic!!

    • Fiano

      “Spaletti should remind him that he’s left footed, and tell him to stop cutting in on his right, as he is useless at doing so!”

      It’s true, but we don’t know for sure. Is it his will to do that or it could be it is Spaletti instruction to do that.

      • denton bexley

        If it is Spaletti, then why not play Karamoh, who is right footed?!?

    • Il Principe di Persia

      I drop Crossdreva, cause at least Perisic has some skills. Crossdreva doesn’t have any

      • Giuseppe Meazza

        which skills are you on abt?

        • Il Principe di Persia

          Pace, dribbling, cutting inside,headers

      • denton bexley

        At least Candreva looks like he’s putting some effort in, unlike Perisic- that’s why I would bench him for a while

        • Il Principe di Persia

          But imo Candreva crosses and loses the ball on purpose

  • nozanneti

    Preview: Inter vs Bologna – Is the crisis finally behind us?
    ————- yes,
    IF YOU REORGANIZE roles of players in team and give mandate to creative player TO LEAD THE TEAM in new way and build connections and NEW SORT OF PLAY with icardi, perišić and karamouh. his name is rafinha, we have no other and it is the right time to try with real change in our performance.

    • Renga Hutchinson

      Better not ask too much from Rafinha, the level of physicality and skill needed to be the much-needed trequartista we are looking for may be too much strain for him to bear given the fact that he’s coming off a long injury.
      The wingers need to be more flexible and able to link up with the midfielders more.(Instead of their constant aimless crossing.) The other players need to become more daring and take on their opponents instead of passing on the responsibility. I hope that inter doesn’t suck the creativity and spark away from Rafinha. I hope he can inspire the rest instead of becoming the rest.

  • Il Principe di Persia

    442 or 4231

    Crossdreva out, Karamoh in.
    Brozobitch killed! Rafinha in.

  • xraytube

    This game is lost already.