Eder: A tough but beautiful victory

February 11, 2018 17:28
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The author of the first goal in today’s match against Bologna, Eder, took some time after the final whistle to speak to Sky and had the following to say: “We really wanted this win and the fact that it comes after a tough period with a long row of disappointing results just makes it even more beautiful. Now we have to continue like this, currently we hold the third spot in the league behind Napoli and Juventus – this means that we are fulfilling our responsabilities towards the club in finishing amongst the top 4. We are all fighting in order to achieve this object and we will be there until the end.”

About the road to UCL: “Lazio and Roma both are strong teams, I think it will be an interesting fight who will get the two spots behind Napoli and Juventus.”

About Icardi: “I really enjoy the fact that I have helped the team, but Mauro is an important player and I hope he will recover as soon as possible in order to help the team.”

About the atmosphere: “The locker room is united, Il Mister knows that and gives everybody a lot of confidence. In these times of social media things go crazy as soon as someone fail to like something but I can assure that the locker room is united.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Musavie Abdillah

    Looking at Inter-Roma-Lazio, arguably, Lazio will come on top taking the fourth spot, at the end of March.
    Hope Im wrong.

  • Nidal Safarini

    From yesterdays gam, Karamoh was the best in our team, cancelo did good job, but we still lack productivity in our midfeild and I think rafinha can solve some of these problems, Valero should not start each and every game, he was out of the game was nervous, and we really need Icardi to finish some of the clear chances we created and missed horribely

    • Il Principe di Persia

      I prefer Valero to both Gaglia-the Italian-Kuz and Brozoshit.

    • Winternazionale

      rotation is required, nobody can start all year long and always produce a good performance, even goalkeepers have ups and downs, except el tractor zanetti.

  • Naves

    I liked the new players who we all were screaming to play them. The introduction of Rafinha changed the game for Inter, he is like a mini version of Inesta and I know it is early days but imagine if unfit Rafinha is capable of dicatating the game play, move through the lines and set up players on goal then imagine what in form and fit Rafinha can do.
    P.S. Candy should already start looking for another club as teenager from france took his spot.

  • Il Principe di Persia

    I love Eder’s resume as a ST. So effective and efficient

    • ezekiel

      he was everywhere. i think he’s one of the best yesterday. he almost register an assist if only perisic can finish his chance.

      • Il Principe di Persia

        Yeah, despite being a role player for Inter in these years, he runs and fights until his last minute every game.

    • San Siro

      He did really well in the preseason matches. I thought he would get the start earlier in the season instead of Icardi.

  • Herak Bhowmik

    Gagliardini, Brozovic and Rafinha in the midfield for us. Karamoah, Icardi and Eder in the attack

    • Il Principe di Persia

      Brozoshit should be in a grave, not the pitch.

    • kofko

      Brozobitch on the sofa in his cafe playing fifa when real players are on the pitch.

      • We have to acknowledge his assist for the 1st goal, as he went in full speed and believed in Karamoh`s ball. Other than that, he should deliver much more, on a consistent level.

    • Stefano

      The worst inter today was toward the end of the game , after Gaglia came in .
      Once again.

      I have no idea what his function in this team is.
      I know ..it is SUPPOSED TO BE pressing and defensive midfield, but he never really helps in that sense ,we never hold the result better because he came in , and often the worst dangers or goals for the opposing teams come from his lost or lazily , slowly played balls .
      I rather have a non exclusively defensive but quality player in.
      Not every defensive midfielder is like a Gattuso or a De Rossi in the economy of a team .
      Gaglia needs to get way better than this or anyone is still better than him , between our potential midfielders.

      • adk damar

        Gagli different ways of game with Rino and De Rossi, he should be like Vieira,
        I think Gagli is a qualified player and able to contribute to the team
        Just because Spalettooii never trusts him due every players to be able quickly adapt to the coachs desires
        We can see the fighting spirit and quality in rafinha, karamoy and skriniar
        Gagli basically has a good in aerial duels, intercep and passing
        Spalletoooii still hoping vecino & borja in their former team, as well as brozo and pelerisic in the national team, but in the fact they are not able to apply the tactics from Spalletoiiii..

        • Muhammad Rifqi Ma’arif

          Agree.. Gaglia is typical box to box midfielder.. Spaletti did not allow him to push forward, just covering defense.. so he was out of his position..

    • Muhammad Rifqi Ma’arif

      Gaglia – Veccino – Rafinha.. Two box to box and one attacking midfielder.. even though sparse distinct in quality, this kind of formulation give us trebble with Zanetti, Cambiasso, and Sneijder…

      • Muhammad Rifqi Ma’arif

        On 2nd Half, if we have 2 goals different, we can replace Rafinha with Valero

  • denton bexley

    Great to finally win again, but talk about making hard work of it! Can anyone explain why Karamoh, who was by far the best player on the pitch, was taken off when we had a numerical advantage, and Perisic, who was feigning injury after being bood and missing a sitter, was left on with over 20 minutes still left to play?!???!
    Perisic should have been dragged off, and Candreva, Pinamonti or even Dalbert should have come on to replace him,not a defensive midfielder! A 3-1 or 4-1 victory would’ve done wonders for confidence- instead we barely scraped through- poor management from Spaletti!

    • Il Principe di Persia

      Perisic was good doing his defensive duties

      • denton bexley

        Last time I checked he is meant to be an attacking winger- if all he can bring is defensive duties, he should go and play for Mourinho- at least we’d get a decent fee! God knows why?!?

        • Il Principe di Persia

          We don’t have attacking winger, everyone has to attack and everyone has to defend all together.

          Besides, there’s too much pressure on his shoulders and he can’t handle it. Shy type of personality indeed.

          • denton bexley

            I’ll admit that I haven’t been a fan of Perisic for some time- far too inconsistent- but recently he has been abysmal…. I just want rid of him and Brozovic as soon as possible!

    • Jakes

      Spalletti has said that Karamoh doesnt have 90 mins yet, and i guess he brought on Gagliardini for more stability on the midfield but as so many times before the players get nervous when defending a small lead and forget the high pressing game and defend low which is so risky.

      • denton bexley

        It’s all about mentality- we are Inter Milan, and we should be putting teams like Bologna to the sword, especially when we’re already winning and they’re down to 10 men!! This might not be the greatest team ever, but c’mon!!

    • revyrain

      To be on the positive hope, let’s assume the substitute means that Spalletti wanted to keep Karamoh fresh to start again for the next game.

      I hope last night was the breaking point where Karamoh officially taken over the RW starting spot from Candreva, continuing how Cancelo has taken over D’Ambro RB spot several match before.

      This has to be the case, or I will rage!

      First goal came from a nice touch of pass into Brozo which then delivered to Eder. Second goal was a pure class of incisive move. Both are Karamoh’s play. It’s safe to say that the game’s 3 points was a brief story of how Karamoh’s brilliance made some magic.

      So from here onward,
      Cancelo – Karamoh should start regularly on the right.
      With some rotation with Candre and Ambro / Santon when needed.

      • denton bexley


    • ADRIANO158

      Karamoh was dead tired and Spalletti wanted to see how much Perišić wanted to fight for this shirt and team. He even said: “Perišić showed me how much he wants to fight for this club.”

      • denton bexley

        He didn’t show me- get rid in the summer!

    • Muhammad Rifqi Ma’arif

      Spaletti want to give a good psychological effect to Karamoh.. when he drag off, the entire stadium gave him a standing ovation, special for him.. something whould not happened if he go to the end of the game..

  • VieriTottiDelpiero

    Very glad to see the victory although Inter weren’t good. It was Karamoh’s personal skill which helped to earn this 3 point. Please continue to get 3 points, otherwise Lazio and Roma can easily get that 3rd and 4th spot.

  • adk damar

    Ole ole ole ole

    I hope spalletoiii can see the fact
    Borja almost blunder,cant run,too old & slow,
    Brozo,Vecino cant have fight, they poor for median like a clown in the field,
    maybe Rano and Lopez for CB w/ Cancelo and Dumbrosio
    Skriniar became CM like SMS in lazio with Gagli in the median
    Rafinha,Icardi and Eder


    Thohir effect isn’t effect tonight

    • Asyrof Syarif

      Did Mr. Thohir shown in meazza?

      • adk damar

        yoyoi brada,
        pak Thohir was there

        • Wynne Putradana

          So lucky we won

    • Stefano

      Ranocchia -Lopez …in the middle of the defense ….
      No thanks.

      • adk damar


        i just imagine 3 big tall man, who can fight and win the aerial duels, and they can help score when free/corner kick



        • Muhammad Rifqi Ma’arif

          I prefer Dalbert than Dumbo for wingback position in three back formation

  • Internazionale FC

    For me a great vivtory! Also nice to see Rafinha and Cancelo – they were both good. Karamoh showed today what he can do. What a lovely young player. Forza Inter!

    • Stefano

      well said

      • Internazionale FC

        Thanks bro. Ive been Inter fan since i was 7 years old and Inter is the only club i care about so seeing them like this hurts me. But they will be back now.

        • Stefano

          Yup .
          I am 53 , I started watching Inter when I was round 7-8 yrs. old also.

          • Internazionale FC

            Then you are a trure rolemodel to me. My respect to you sir.

          • Pradana Gilang

            wow, I don’t know you are that old.. kudos to you sir