Eder: A tough but beautiful victory

Eder: A tough but beautiful victory
February 11, 2018 17:28
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The author of the first goal in today’s match against Bologna, Eder, took some time after the final whistle to speak to Sky and had the following to say: “We really wanted this win and the fact that it comes after a tough period with a long row of disappointing results just makes it even more beautiful. Now we have to continue like this, currently we hold the third spot in the league behind Napoli and Juventus – this means that we are fulfilling our responsabilities towards the club in finishing amongst the top 4. We are all fighting in order to achieve this object and we will be there until the end.”

About the road to UCL: “Lazio and Roma both are strong teams, I think it will be an interesting fight who will get the two spots behind Napoli and Juventus.”

About Icardi: “I really enjoy the fact that I have helped the team, but Mauro is an important player and I hope he will recover as soon as possible in order to help the team.”

About the atmosphere: “The locker room is united, Il Mister knows that and gives everybody a lot of confidence. In these times of social media things go crazy as soon as someone fail to like something but I can assure that the locker room is united.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson