Inter with their backs against the wall

Inter with their backs against the wall
February 11, 2018 12:15
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“With 15 games still to be played in this year’s championship and a slight difference in points between Inter, Lazio and Roma, it is unnecessary to start talking about a final chance (especially since the next couple of fixtures are fairly “easy” playing Genoa at Marassi and Benevento at San Siro after today’s game against Bologna), but it is clear that today’s game against Robert Donadoni’s starting eleven is some kind of a junction for Spalletti’s team.” This is something that Italian newspaper TuttoSport is certain of in today’s edition also talking about that Inter is with their backs against the wall at this moment after the last couple of months of poor performances. “In fact, Inter has not won for eight games now and should the team fail to bring home three points today (missing since December 3rd), this would mean a new record (a negative such) in Inter’s history, never has Inter failed to win for nine games in a row in the Serie A. The crisis does not come from too many losses (only two against Udinese and Sassuolo in December) but too many draws. This crisis would become even deeper if there will be no victory today.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson