Three points in order to avoid a negative record

Three points in order to avoid a negative record
February 11, 2018 11:30
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Inter is a club in crisis, no victory in the last eight games and Inter coach Luciano Spalletti is under a lot of pressure. Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera explains: “Spalletti needs to reignite a team that has been completely flat for more than two months now, but he will have to do that without his best player since the captain, Mauro Icardi, is out for another match (he missed the last game against Crotone when Inter drew 1-1) as he is left out of the squad against Bologna. Also this time, Icardi is replaced by Eder in the attack. Eder scored in the last game against Crotone, but surely Icardi being out of the squad is extremely tough for a team that has had such difficulties scoring during the last period. Today the team also is facing the risk of setting a new negative record: It has never happened before that Inter has been without a victory for nine games in a row in the championship. It has been obvious that there is an issue with the locker room something that puts a lot of pressure on the coach who has to bring his team out of this dark moment and has to set the tone for the team starting with his offense, an offense that has to be more creative than what has been shown during these last 8 games.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson