Spalletti: “We were great today, especially Rafinha”

Spalletti: “We were great today, especially Rafinha”
February 12, 2018 10:00
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After finally finding the winning path again against Bologna, Inter coach Luciano Spalletti analysed the game as he talked to Sky Sport: “These were three important points that was liberating, especially for our fans who have been close to us during this tough period. There was always the risk of not finding our way out of the darkness and when you fail to win there are more pitfalls to watch out for. But thanks to our fans, today more than 50 000 who have continued to follow and support us.”

The path: “We have to go easy on the boys because they started the season well and have only lost twice. Those defeats caused a bit of trouble but we have never suffered too many goals and have not missed too  many chances. We need to raise our quality and balance without throwing everything away and today we did that in the best possible way.”

The match: “I have to compliment the guys, because they responded in the right way. Then a couple of unnecessary ball drops happened but we created what we need to create.”

Karamoh: “We need players that add qualities to the team. Karamoh has these skills that make him dangerous in one-on-one situations. He still needs to develop, he drops easy balls sometimes where we end up in an opponent counter attack.”

Character: “Maybe it is true that it is single situations that creates the result, but we performed well overall today. Maybe we do not have as much character as might be expected from a team that plays in Serie A and currently holds the third spot. We are what we do and what we show on the pitch.”

Rafinha: “Rafinha does not have 90 minutes in his legs if we want him in the defense or further up in the pitch. He has great qualities but at the moment he cannot last for the entire game.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson